Xp points for next lv doesn’t calculate

I spend many elements and many lumber and my lv should be grow up but I still have same lv and same xp till next lv.This season last event started wery bad many things are off and not working like always.I lv up few lv on many towers but xp bar don’t move and my lv still same and xp same.after reading few answers after transforming towers my xp bar go dovn and I lose 2 lv

Have you been using the new tower merge/transform feature?

XP deficit from tower transform/merge

I completed a few towers and gained levels.

You finish towers and click the :white_check_mark:, making it possible to upgrade it again?

Hitting upgrade doesn’t level you up, finishing the upgrade does.

They did say same xp to next level also.

I leveled 4 towers. Went up 1 level. And my base XP went down. Situation Normal. Well done PG

Plus, upgrading Elemental Totems do not give us XP. (This is not bug. they originally not give out XP)

Same here and no merging done

I think he found his answer? Seems that way in the original post since it’s been edited.

I believe he leveled up towers and merged other towers which made him gain as much XP as he lost from merging.

I am sorry but nothing happened with my xp bar ,I lv up towers and now I should be about 10lv bigger but no my xp bar same and I spend all rss and this mean I don’t grow at the moment

If you could provide screenshots of your xp before and after a few upgrades it would help is understand if you are encountering a known issue or just misunderstanding something :wink:

Did you use the new tower transformation/merge option?

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