Xp potion for event

feeding and breeding are bad time to open gold chest, but PG force us to open while discount dragon still on. when war event the extra price from gold chest is energy or inner fire which is essential for event… but xp potion? i know you will said it is for training dragon so we can breed, but it waste, most player strategy are ready to breed when breeding event came so xp potion not helping at all.

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Breeding is an excellent time to open imo. You get the most token payout. That’s much more valuable (for me) than inner fires or energy for pvp events.

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egg token and mystic fragment are worthed to get, but in this event you also got foodpack which is not worthed, as legendary drop 400k pack, it is not enough to level up saphire at level 12 or garnet tier.

At my lvl xp potions are worthless not even a pinch of my dragons xp…
but on my mini they are nice if I want to breed multiple dragons in the same event ( having to use the first dragon I breed to breed the next one, quick xp)

So at higher tier dragons like harbinger , usless
But at mid and lower tiers, they are nice

It does get to be a bit much when it’s xp potions AND food AND tower boosts :expressionless:


Hmmm… seems xp potions have been scaled. I managed to breed, hatch, and level hauheset (sapphire mythic) to level 16 (breedable) with almost strictly exp potions. I only ran about 10 actual exp runs. Not too shabby imo.

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if xp potion using during feeding grant a poin, it would be great. not just from transfering from expert dragon

They haven’t been scaled… they stop at 300k xp and has been that way for a while.

When a dragon needs over a billion xp to lvl

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Well that is discouraging. Tbh, I’d rather not get food packs or potions. I’m a fan of good ol fashioned hard work. I was pretty disappointed when I opened 120 gold chests and got less than 50 frags, and about 25k tokens.

I personally like them however I do not like the base boosters they have in the chest right now

i got a legendary drop of Black Pearls wtf ?? pity i havent the screenshot, fuck myself

I got 225 pearls, twice 125 sigils, food packs, epic 3 fragments?? And twice legendary tower att and something like 300 egg tokens,i wish i had taken picture as well

They really need to cut back on the tower boosts I have thousands of each have only been playing since aug and always have my base boosted


Hmmm…I open during pvp bc gold chests drop a ton of speed ups. I’m talking about non-KOTH PvP events like fight pits and CTF.

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Yeah but when it’s the beginning of the season you have half off dragons and oh wait it’s feeding then breeding…what else can you do

I opened some chests during feeding to get xp potions and food, which I then used during breeding to level my new baby and double bred iteru and Hau. Worked out real well for me. Plus I finished egg token boost and most of Aibrean. Only have his final stone left


I do the same but when you add the constant tower boosts in it doesn’t leave room for much else :expressionless:

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All my drops from breeding event…

only helped lvl my dragon 1 lvl…

Eggs helped get research eggs

Still haven’t even hit max prize shown at beginning of event…( this event needs to be scaled back on points, money ( say $200) plus saving egg tokens doesn’t even give max prize)


I guess it is not some, but a lot of chest you open there. Its your gameplay, its your choice… But if you escalated your dragon level with xp potion, then you havent dragon to level up anymore. Because thats what i do with the rest of my friend, levelling dragon during event off