XP problems - outgrown myself

I have a problem which is stopping me from playing the game.

The constant events and my desire for success in them is causing my player level to grow too fast.

I’m currently level 180, 12M defence and 17.5M from my highest dragon, who is capped by the need for a second sapphire dragon.
The max XP that I can gain from a run is 129K. defeating a player at my own level earns me apporximately (depending on the base) 25k.
The more I level, the less XP that I get from a player that I can beat by myself.

Is anyone else facing this issue?

Yup, think we all do.

Luckily I hit the sapphire wall and only have enough tokens to get one dragon so only need to ask team mates for help backing one dragon per month. The rest are expert or capped or can solo my max xp (or both)

You’ve outgrown your dragon tier. You should very much consider halting your level in order for your dragons to catch up and you to be able to hit people around your level. I’ll link red’s dragon checkin just to give you an idea of what you’re able to have at different levels.

For now, you’ll just have to get your teammates to back your xp runs. It’s sucky but if you’re following a good breeding path, you’ll catch up in 2-3 breeds to be able to do some damage.

Edit: the link below includes red’s breeding guide and player check in :slight_smile:
This week's event...BREEDING!

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I have all dragons before sapphire, all of which are past a breedable level, most are maxed. The exceptions are the legendary platinums, who are at breeding level.

Halting the player/base levelling is going to really deal a blow against my ability to gain sigils for the season.

My problem is levelling the sapphire that I already have (and any future sapphires).

The Check-In is a big eye opener and i’m questioning, how many level 146 players hatched there first sapphire?

I hate the idea of being the guy constantly asking for XP runs.

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I’m currently lvl 153 and halfway through breeding my first garnet. It helps a lot if you get on a good breeding path early and don’t just breed willy-nilly.

Edit: removed the first bit of my sentece to reflect the change to UnseatedDonkey’s edit. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to do the strike through :laughing:


You should t stress about asking for help. Just make sure that you help those you can. It all works out that way.

Hell sometimes it’s hard to convince the smaller players on the team that yes I really do want to help them… and no it isn’t a bother or a waste.

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Note: I just changed this to 146 from 114. (read from ruthless not casual). Question still stands.

Haha! That’s the hardcore column! But I actually got my first saph at 124, and gonna get first garnet this breed at 163, and there are players lower than I am who already have a garnet. It’s all about how soon you’re exposed to this standard and how well you were able to stick with it.


Maybe someone can explain to me the logic of outgrown level and need now team mates to help him.

Let’s say you’re a lv 140 and have sapphire dragons you’d need to hit a lv 200ish xp base to get max xp.

Is every lv 1 sapphire dragon able to solo? Of course not so you’d need help in any case.

Holding off on leveling makes sense when you’re a lazy fucker who gets a new dragon once in a while and/or when you suck so bad at flying that you can’t beat bases around your level.

But when it comes to xp runs even in obsidian tier not every dragon can solo invader at level one. So you will always need help with specific dragons.

Join a team that is willing to help you grow at a fast pace. Most competitive teams will help you in this tough time since you spend and it benefits the team

At 162 I cant beat my max xp so I either split the xp or get a backer on a slightly smaller base since I’m the biggest on my team…FYI my max xp bases are around 300 … I’ll finally be getting my sapphire this week which will help my divines but not my new baby so as stated above you’ll pretty much always need help and any team should be happy to give it

I don’t really understand what you’re not understanding about the drawbacks of overleveling? The fact that one can’t hit bases ones own level in order to get decent rss? The fact ones base has underleveled towers due to a capped builder hut? The fact one can’t contribute to team war runs? The fact one need help on event runs to score well?

I do agree with you that most baby dragons need help, but not sure what it has to do with in our discussion?


I don’t know what you mean lol do you?

My alt is lv 180 I play it only on OCCASION without spending and have my first garnet.

When I do rss runs I get 100-350k food hits and I’m able to kill some pretty high bases with my small dragons :star_struck:.

I used since lv 80ish the lv 312 base for xp and was able to solo it with my lv 15 NS back then and trade with the big boys. Ask red and groot :rofl::grin:.

If you should stop leveling then at lv 186/189 where you reach game end cap for xp. But not before doesn’t make sense at all.

Sure some might be 100% talent free and need the extra fire power to kill with 3 dragons an average base or some only leveled their base and are lv 300 with garnets (saw that way too often) but that’s hopefully not the standard.

To say I expect that ppl who play only one main account did better than my alt lol.

That advise you’re giving is a bit outdated. No offense pal. :beers:

If your alt is 180 and has a garnet, it’s not overleveled :man_shrugging:t3:
Edit, adding a picture to show where his alt is inbetween:


I feel like I have to clarify here.

I am able to defeat players my own level with 1 dragon (5 flames), thus allowing me to compete in wars etc.

The overlevelling means that the player (or xp base) which I need to beat in order gain sufficient XP is way to high for me, especially when you factor in the following:
If I am doing an XP run by myself the XP which my gainer receives is halved.

The problem is not one of needing help to get a low-level dragon a start in life - everyone needs that.

The problem is when your main linage dragons struggle to solo a max XP base, even when they’re up at breeding level and beyond. That can be a miserable situation to be in.

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That’s totally normal. Having crap like Iteru you won’t find a base you can solo on your own.

You’ll only be able to beat bases like the lv 312 which is your xp base as a lv 180 I think with hunters and a good flying ability.

For the rest you will need help.

And the difference in xp from xp to live bases is mage towers and short vs maxed bases.

Real bases have less towers (less xp) and mage towers (no xp).

So to find a base which gives the same xp than the 312 you would need to attack real short base lv 330s which is a bit u realistic assuming they have a lv 50ish towers mid island

As i said i used the 312. 20-30% was enough being a lv 140 to get max xp iirc.

Most think they need to five flame the base which isn’t the case.

Lol. I’m currently Lvl146 and will get my first Garnet this weekend:wink:
But I was following Red’s guide since Lvl84 or so


I had Iteru soloing Alalalala around when it hit breedable, you just need to know how to fly it. Sorcerers aren’t for everyone.