Xp runs with my lowly winch

Taking my wife for a spin on a higher xp base, completing 70+%, letting her hit before or after, but it still gives her green or orange tier only 7k. What’s up with that?

Maybe you need 100%. The stronger the base Vs player level the lower the % you need to destroy.

If she starts the run she will get more xp than if she follows. I believe only something between. 80 and 90 % of her max xp providing shes the same level as you or lower.

Oh, dear lord, no. She’s 78, I’m 273. She calls the game dragon tales when referencing it. I’ve had to show & tell her everything I could. I’ve worked the angle in running her ahead & me backing, but it’s just been fruitless.

  1. Assist can only get 75% max. Lead get 100%/ the number of his/her dragon(s) participating in the attack.
  2. Farms and Mills don’t give exp
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Makes sense. Though, she’s not got extremely high nor powerful dragons, anyways.

If you follow her and kill the base with 1 dragon, provided the base is worth greater than or equal to her max xp, she should get 100% her max xp.

Her max xp is limited by her level

Try using atlas invader base or an xp base. Don’t use a chest base or something with little or no towers.

If you use a base suited for you, she may only need 25% killed or something to hit her max.

If u r lvl 273 then u can do 100% damge know.

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Freexp280 (2 front towers) is enough, just 8% or so…

but you miss ally bonus, and if you have atlas, you also get a lot of bonus xp doing xp runs on mines based on your castle level.
In most cases, freexp is still faster but some prefer medals( invader base gives 5k every run ) as well and some have more than 30-40% xp per run apart from 10% Ally bonus. So depending on all those factors in their team, it varies.

I’m highly aware of what I can & can’t do. I usually am trying to shave time.

Following researches give good boost to dragon xp, which i am sure you already know. Just compiling for easy reference.

Research Research effect Tier
Dragon Discipline +5% Dragon XP Red
Dragon Discipline +7% Dragon XP Blue
Dragon Discipline +10% Dragon XP Orange
Dragon Discipline +12% Dragon XP Green
Knowledge of the Ancients +12% Dragon XP gained Gold

Lev 78 has a base XP cap of 6389.

With XP Research till blue tier done, there is addition of 12% xp, which will give 7156 XP per max xp run as lead. As a follow, it will be 5367 xp per max xp run.
With XP Research till orange tier done, there is addition of 22% xp, which will give 7795 XP per max xp run as lead. As a follow, it will be 5846 xp per max xp run.
With XP Research till green tier done, there is addition of 34% xp, which will give 8561 XP per max xp run as lead. As a follow, it will be 6421 xp per max xp run.
Apart from this, there will be a 10% ally bonus for any dragon in tier orange and above.
This is all before elite account bonus gets added. Elite will give 75% extra on whatever the total of all the xp that a player gets.
research gives lot more boost than what we generally think. Makes significant difference.


Thank you for that comprehensive breakdown. NitharshanNN also gave a good link, which is much appreciated.

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Back her on FreeXp280 if you’re trying to shave time … one minute full xp runs. She can get all her x5 mults done in ~10 minutes. Works great for our team considering many of our players have limited play time.

Edit: I think wiping the long island was good for full xp up to level 120. :thinking:

That’s so cute!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Andy is faster though…

I never tried Andy. I can hit four monuments while doing FreeXp280 backs … make them treasure hunting as a side benefit. Will I be able to hit four monuments with Ember 1? :thinking:

No you can’t hit any monuments. Its like you have to be attentive right from when teammate swaps. I would use Andyk only if player is above 140.
For lower levels, freexp is so much better.

Yeah u can , I normally hit 4 monuments.

with ember on andyk?

On freexp280 :see_no_evil:
Sry I wrongly read the San reply .

She even sings the song. It’s cute as hell, though, I would get aggravated when we were dating/engaged, trying to make it pink & frilly sounding. I had to check my adult & manhood; reminding myself that it was just a bunch of pixelated dragons.