XPfarmsLooseX1 is looking for new farms - P2 at the moment, min Lv 84

We lost couple of farms and we are getting declared on because of that :face_exhaling: therefore we would like to have new additions for the community :blush:

Language: Can read and type English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: N/A
Dragon Roster Includes: Any
Highest Lineage Dragon: Any

We donโ€™t require event contribution, especially during pvp (we provide our bases for the community so we do not defend).

If we are being declared on, we cannot make you do your war run but it would be appreciated if you do it :joy:

Be nice on LC and TC :blush: we are here to enjoy flying dragons! Stay at least low activity so farmers can hit your base.

Interested candidate kindly send in game mail to me or officer Ruby :hugs:


Thought it was an unspoken rule not to war on you guys? Like when driving a car, its an unspoken rule not to cross into oncoming traffic and that we as people will stay in our lane. But even when driving some dont listen, guess warring on your team is the same :confused:
It sucks you guys are getting warred on, your team does a HELL of alot for players with your bases. I hope you find players to fill those spots and people get bet with a stick and stop warring on you guys


Make sure to also ask on FB War Dragon Recruitment

Beannie is a wonderful person and I truly enjoyed my time on the team with her. 100% if anyone has an alt that they can send over and turn into an xp base or mission base, itโ€™s nothing stressful.

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