XPfarmsLooseX1 roster as of July 7, 2018



Here are screenshots of the XPfarmsLooseX1 members grouped in categories. Please review to see if any of them can meet your needs. :tulip:

Thanks @OrcaFrost for helping me with it! :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs:

Edit: Updated Beannie’s base.

XP Bases

Egg Mission Bases

Treasure Hunting Bases

Miscellaneous / Unfinished Bases


:thinking: I wonder if this would belong in guides, so that it doesn’t get lost as easily? And thanks :tada:


Changed the category :+1:t3:


Probably for all bases used purely for xp (little to no flying training) less mage and more towers…


@xxSUGxx @OrcaFrost thank you! I have long looked for a good chest base. They were either way too slow or their Home long Island had much high level towers making the last monument unobtainable. Or!!! They had a high level perch :joy::joy: that flippin perch

Also loving the fact batman is my favourite superhero character :yum:


You are an Angel… I keep telling ya :rose::rose::rose:




Treasure chest base 314. Is possible to remove the dragon on the perch. I’m not fast enough to take it out with death gaze before my ember got kill. I been trying so many time still not fast.


I’m pretty sure the dragon on the perch adds significantly to the base defense power, which seems to be a viatal component of wheter or not the base will drop chests with any regularity. I’ve decided to simply stop the run before ember can turn that corner and die to the perch dragon. Sure, I miss out on one monument, but I’d rather have that happen if the odds are higher that I’ll see a few chests every run :woman_shrugging:


Cloak :wink: :t_rex:


Thank you. Will try that to see.


Or like @hellraptor suggested, cloak can keep you alive :laughing: but my ember is still at lvl 1 cause I think he looks prettier like that and I don’t feel like spending the $5 to upgrade him lol


Thank you for all you guys do! These bases are so helpful! :heartpulse::clap::clap::clap::+1::grin:


same as u dont fill like spending money. mybr in a month i will spend on him.


I could add bigger towers onto the base and increase the defence power, but lower levels use it as an exp farm, so I’ve kept it set up so ember can 100% it at level 1


thanks! really appreciate it :heartbeat::heartbeat:

ps sorry for hitting your base a gazillion times per day :laughing::laughing:


I owe you guys a lot- THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!


You owe us only awesome pics of your dragons! Keep being awesome :sunglasses:


Hey I recognize those people!


I have what may be a stupid questions but I want to be sure to give any xp/mission/chest base I make use of, all 3 rubies and medals.
Does the sacrificial dragon need to die? Or can you attack the base and then immediately quit?
When attacking a mission base if you only destroy a small percentage and then quit will the base get 3 rubies as well as medals?

I guess basically I just want to know how to be sure to reward these bases for their wonderful help!!!
I greatly appreciate every base made available to us all.
Thank you :blush: