XPfarmsLooseX1 roster as of July 7, 2018


No, it does not need to die. You can just immediately swap out/quit. If I am hitting a mission base and still need to hit x number of towers, I usually do what I need to do and quit before 70.

Just speaking for myself if I see that Little Ghost even has a victory I appreciate it. I don’t look to see how much was killed lol.


I thought with the Invader bases I would no longer need XPfarmsloosex1, but I was wrong.
Keep up the good work my friends.


Really? When do you need to use the farm? :slightly_smiling_face:


When I need to destroy x amount of a certain tower type.


Thanks for the info!
I want to be that every mission/xp base I use gets the 3 rubies!


The max number of rubies a base gets per day is 3. No matter how many attacks they get. Thank you for the thought though. :hugs:


I thought that they got 3 rubies the first time attacked and the attacking dragon lost or died right away. Then after that only medals for every loss from the same base. But for every new player that attacks they could get 3 rubies for one loss from that player.

Are you saying that they only get 3 rubies once a day no matter how many different players attack and sacrifice a dragon or loose against them?


Yup. :t_rex:


Then they are all saints and I am doubly grateful to them!!


Does anyone know a good base to replace Freexp280 which just went inactive?
A lot of the lower level members use it. I use it to build xp on retired dragons with it being so quick. With token runs, medal runs, war etc it’s nice to have a time/healing potion saver available. :blush:


Andyk123 I suppose, but the lead has to swap out quick and getting those first five Lightnings with Ember can be a challenge sometimes when you don’t get the timing right :disappointed_relieved: :t_rex:


Use Hauheset for him, 12-15% damage.


Not quite there yet. :disappointed: :t_rex:


No!!! :sob::sob::sob:


Hmm :thinking:Could be fun to practice though. I like a good challenge, whether I’ll succeed or not remains to be seen.
Hopefully there are some more possible replacements.

Thank you I’ll try it :+1:t3:


Any idea if freeexp280 will be back?


@Alleviates, can you help us? We need a replacement for FreeXp280. :sob::sob::sob:

Anyone got a screenshot of FreeXp280 so someone can make a duplicate? :sleepy:


No problem. I’ve got to get to practicing too. Doesn’t hurt to get that speedy muscle memory down. Tap, kill, tap, kill, tap, kill, tap, kill, tap, kill, SWAP! :stuck_out_tongue: :t_rex:


There’s videos around, and I miiiight be able to find a screenshot. Brb. :t_rex:


Gonna head to bed. Thanks Hell :tulip: