XPfarmsLooseX1 roster as of July 7, 2018


:woman_facepalming:t2: Screenshot…Why didn’t I ever think of that!?! :unamused::cry:


No problem, I’ll dig around and see what I can find. Nighty night :sparkles::crescent_moon: :t_rex:


Raptor to the rescue. Screenshotted from a video uploaded in May. Can’t clearly see the level of one of the Ice Turrets though… sorry. :t_rex:


42 47
Sorry for misreading it…


Honestly, IMO, the best is KisSarkany. However, the level will slightly be different


Thank you :blush:


Beannie’s base would be a good fit to replace FreeXp280 if she changes the long island setup. If she puts higher level towers there, the long island only would be good for full xp past level 130. Maybe store some of the lower level mages and move towers there to keep the same base defense. :thinking:


Actually putting high level towers on island 7 with only a farm or mill on island 8 would be more helpful to the lower level players. That would let them still get max xp with an ember backer. Put some of the mediumish-high towers on the first short island and have long middle be a mix of low level towers and leftover higher level towers.


True, I was concerned about the backer not having enough rage but they can swap if it is a problem.


Hopefully she would be interested in becoming the new most popular Belle of the ball!! :dragon_face::bouquet::heart_eyes::wink:
Considering how many of us used Freexp280 regularly .:blush:


@beannie, please, please, and pretty please! :pray:t3::hugs::hugs:


You will have to wait for some time since some towers take time to reach lv40+


I just tried your current set up and it works for me. Gonna take a little,bit to retrain my “I can fly this in my sleep” habit but still better than nothing.
Thank you so much :bouquet::hugs:
You saved my ability to save some time and still get all xp done.


Thank you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Beannie, we don’t need the exact tower levels. You can use higher level towers on Island 7 than what FreeXp280 has. It’ll actually be better to have them higher since that island will give full xp past level 130. :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Edit: Replace the existing towers (two lightning & treb) with your level 51 fire turret, 51 ice turret, and 47 ice turret. Swap the totem and farm. It will be perfect I believe.


Can I have a request?
Swap farms with totem at 7-8


I’ll add that to my request Orca. This is amazing :heart_eyes:


War Dragons players are awesome!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Beannie you are WONDERFUL.
Your base works wonderfully!!!
Thank you! Thank you Thank you!!


Did some twitches, please check, thanks