XPfarmsLooseX1 roster as of July 7, 2018


Can you please make it like this post? It will make your Island 7/8 set up better than that of FreeXp280 since it’ll provide more xp. :heart_eyes:


Thankyou!!! @Beannie :slight_smile:

Edit: And all of xpfarm bases too!!:+1::+1::+1::+1:


Hmmm I thought I did what you showed…I’ll check later


I see this right now …


I see this now…?


This is awesome, works a treat! Thank you so much!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thanks a lot


I do too :kissing_heart:

One last thing, can you swap the farm on island 7 with the totem on island 6? Totems give xp while farms don’t. This will give more xp to your low level farmers. :heart_eyes:

Edit: Your current layout gives me this when killing all of Island 7 only. It is beautiful :sob::sob::sob: (tears of happiness)


Beannie’s Base for the orphaned FreeXp280-ers 💞

Awesomeness!!! Thank you!!! :kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs:

New xp with only Island 7 towers killed, it’s close to max xp and I’m level 163 :heart_eyes:


Thank you thank you thank you :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Highly appreciated for the great base.
Is it possible to swap fire turret in the 2nd short island to the 1st one by replacing lighting tower, it will be perfect to run out 2 islands for higher lvl xp farm by ember. @Beannie
Thanks again


Not ice turret but fire? :thinking: I don’t mind. What do other farmers think?


Moving the lightning tower would definitely help. I’m not sure about the turrets … I don’t know if there would be a difference between their ability to kill Ember. :thinking:


Fire turret is much slower than Ice turret.
Probably 2 fire turret and dark flak (back right) helps due to DF’s short range and FT’s big area (easier to double spot) and slow attack.


Fully agree with you @OrcaFrost , maybe 2 fire turret ahead, 1 dark flak on the back, replace lighting tower/storm tower, I updated the optimized scenario in the following,
A→a, fire turret replace lighting tower
B→b, dark flak replace fire turret
C→c, fire turret move ahead to replace storm tower
It would be the best solution not only for lower and higher lvl players farming.
Many thanks again for your attention and hope this could be worked. @Beannie


I’m good with not insta-dying, anything extra is sausage gravy on biscuits. :heart_eyes:

With crispy bacon crumbs on top. :drooling_face:

Served in bed :upside_down_face:



One more request please.
Can you remove the perch at the island 6?


No, sorry.