XPfarmsLooseX1 roster as of July 7, 2018


Hopefully she will. Cibly is already a great flak/turret base. :t_rex:


It’s changed back!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:

panics less


Built to the rage drain on 6. And I have 4 storms on my base. I could probably lose one of them. :+1:


CHESTbase changed the spelling and is on a different team


Even though so many of us now have atlas, we still depend so much on you all so I’d just like to thank all of you for what you do for this community.

On a side note just to let everyone know, yet another team is trying for an easy win by warring our beloved farm team and doesnt appear to be gifting them with a war. smh


Show them the power of the farm! I wish yall the best of luck in that war!


Im not on the farm team, just passing the world along whenever some group of fools tries to take advantage of a group of awesome people for an easy win. This team has and still does too much for all of us for any of us to just sit back and let their dedication to this community be taken advantage of


Does anyone know of a mission base with cannon towers up front? Only one I know of that has cannons has two on the first perch island (Seagazer), and that’s not super optimal when token farming. :t_rex:


Dunno of any offhand. I’m locked out of the game … bad connection. I can check later tonight. :rose:


Thanks Sam, no rush :grin: :t_rex:


I couldn’t find one with cannons on the tip. You can use Spider, it’s my alt. It used to be Bubba but my son didn’t think the name was cool enough. :unamused:


Oh that’s perfect! Hehe thanks Sam :green_heart: :t_rex:


Moderators, please close this thread. The information is a month old and won’t be updated. :upside_down_face:



Gotchu forumer