xPsychWardx seeking new patients!


Group of fun crazies looking to fill the roster and get back to platinum. Currently have room for 6 active players that partcipate in wars and events We are competitive and like to win but we don’t require you to spend $$$. Players of any skill level considered as long as you are active. We are a fun team and sometimes we forget our meds so chat can get a little wild. If interested send me a message in game: SchizoValkyrie

Currently Gold 2
Primarily English
Lots of others from different timezones
Very active team


Some of my personalities are interested, I think.
Will there be cake? :smile:


Cake and bowls of pills!



Please message me all the details and I’ll be there with bells on .



Hey can I use your crayons cause they ate mine … They being the voices


We have some crayons somewhere. I usually just use sharpies on my fancy padded walls.


Hmm seems I have to buff more.
Your not able to take on anyone under lvl 30?

Fair enough, catch up later.



No we can. Send me a message and I can send you an invite. Level isn’t as important as being active.


Thanks, will do when I get back to the lair.



And .tadah!

Figured while the counters were down on the wars and swag no one would notice if I slipped away.



Still have spots for 8 (possibly more). Alts are welcome as long as they do wars and participate in events.


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