xSCORCHERSx, Gold 1, no altas, LfM

Looking for More (Recruiting)
yourLeague – Gold 1
yourTeam — xSCORCHERSx
lvlRequirement — at least 40 but no real requirement


Language: English mostly
Time Zone: multiple
Played time: active - very active
Age Range: just be mature
Elite Account?: up to you
Dragon Roster Includes: whatever you want :man_shrugging:t3:
Highest Lineage Dragon:^

About: Not really much that needs to be said. We’re a semi serious team that is looking for a few members that know what they’re doing. We have several members 200-300+, average 220+ flames each war, and we do pretty well in all events especially top 5 each pvp. We use line to communicate and we act like a family. Unfortunately we do not have atlas yet but we are taking our time to better our team and get everyone prepared. We need a few more active individuals. If interested message me in game and we’ll get you a new home!

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