Xul and other hunters damage

8.7b Ikti - 6.6b Sylvix can 1 shot invader tower and not 12.1b Xul only do maybe 80% same as 6.7b Carrion

i dont get it

because of dps, ap means jack crap but tells gear,runes, and ap is just a number always look at dps and you will see why

mordred is 93m
sylvix is 142m
carrion is 93m
each is damage per shot so this is why you never look at attack power

so as you see your mordred and carrion do the same damage because they have the same dps, as sylvix has 142m and should 1 shot the towers.


When u look at this cal has higher ap than my phasma but my phasma obviously has more dps and hp than xul, ap isn’t reliable to determine a dragon actual power dps and hp is more reliable data


Not to mention the passive of sylvix has 100% increased so each ammo deal 142m while
mordred deal 46.5m/ shot
Carrion 46.5m/ shot
and xul deal 53.5m per shot


yea i just figured i would lay the simple solution since many still look at attack power and they should not!

huh i know DP is not the best way to measure power but i dident think it could be this big gap of damage each shot when a legendary with no runes and bad rider and gear do similar damage each shot do with a mythic with better rider and gear and almost twice AP

wrong dps is best way and only way @Morreion please explain this to him you are better at it them me


Not really as I explained above xul only have a few million more damage than carrion and modred along with sylvix spell kit allow his ammo to be that of 2 ammo


It also have to do with dragon tier aswell as dragon get stronger and stronger ( obviously)


well the dps would be higher on newer tiers and can be same ap lol

Morreion is here to explain it better


yes that is why i tagged hes good with the explaining lol

AP is a pretty poor measure of actual power, unfortunately. Things like runes and riders can affect it a lot more than it actually gains in power. A 5b dragon with mythic runes and maxed gear is likely to be a lot weaker than a 2b dragon without any of that (which would be significantly higher tier).

Also spell kit matters a lot, so even dragons of the same tier with the same AP can vary a lot in strength.

As FierceNip mentioned, DPS and HP are two numbers that you can actually compare. HP is just HP, dps mostly makes sense to compare with other dragons of the same class. AP pretty much only matters for assault.


tnx for explaining, i thought AP was based on attack/HP combined or something, i guess i never payed it much attention.

i se now Ikti have tons more of DPS and HP even with 3.4b less AP

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Hmm I don’t see a bug just normal for anything if your below your invaders defense power

tnx again guys i did 3 lev on Xul and DPS went up from 107 to 124 but AP was only up from 12.1 to to 12.5 and can now 1 shot so little AP but so much DPS

i have learned something new

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