Xul runes necessary

Which runes are better to put in xul? Attack or hp? Is rage necessary?

Not necessary for gold farms…if you need him more stronger its offcourse necessary. Any way you get free runes with him. Just add those.

Yes, you do get runes with mythic dragons that correspond to their spells—however, just like with legendaries, those sole runes do not suffice. Yes, it is good to have runes that make the dragon’s particular spells more useful, but almost every dragon needs either a boost in attack power or health (edit: or rage).

There aren’t really any good hunter HP runes, so attack makes more sense. A bit of rage doesn’t hurt either of course. Unlike most hunters ammo won’t do all that much for Xul, considering his infinite ammo spell.

edit: my personal setup


Boosting the HP of a hunter is as useful as putting nipples on armor


I have a mythic +1 Ammo glyph(Don’t know how i get :joy:) and i have a +1 ammo rider…can i use those 2 on xul? And if yes , is it considered as +2 ?

I heard xul don’t need much rage…is that true?

Thanks :blush:

You can, and the two +1 ammo boosts will stack together and give +2 total. That said, ammo isn’t the most needed thing for Xul since he has the tome spell giving him tons of ammo.

Rage is always useful in case you can’t use the blue spell, but attack and hp are the most useful for him. HP is a lot more useful on Xul than most other hunters, since by design he’s pretty likely to take a few shots to the face.


Unless you have a dragon whose spell set is centred around an HP scaled spell :upside_down_face: like Redrian, for instance.

Nearly all damage dealing spells are centered around HP anyway, including those for most hunters except for the DG variants

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So as much as that nipple chest plate made me giggle, HP runes are not entirely useless for all hunters :slight_smile:


:grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Runes attack and rage/ammo for me

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I don’t know why but i would try Zephon full HP (+38% HP), while the runes all for ATK.

I love it, pls post it here once you have them. Maybe its effective maybe its killer

Is true that I don’t have xul yet, the reason is that I’m waiting for crystal tower, I have only one of it

Mostly hunter hp is pretty useless
Except for a few which main damage isn’t in the breath damage
Like redrian whose GO deal damage base on hp
Pathox whose play style revolving around cloak+ spam chill ( which is base on hp modified)
However in xul case
Does xul gonna kill anything with his hp base spell or his ammo, so attack/rage/ ammo will probably be more beneficial

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I wasn’t looking for damage amplifier but amplifier his survivability via rider HP.

For a hunter offensive is the best defensive
They can’t take damage well so kill everything before they kill u is how I fly hunter

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