Xul skill level compared to Asura?

Some reviewers make Xul sound scary complex, but looking at the spellset and the gameplay videos, he seems to be at about Asura level of skill, perhaps easier, because most spells are white, and overall power level is higher. Like Asura, Xul also has a freeze spell for crowd control, and a rotating cloak spell, used both for protection and just for pacing the attack. It seems to me that once you get “in the zone” cycling through those spells, you can steadily go through bases about one tier up with matching gear. It is not like you have to decide on a custom spell combo five times a second.

So my main question is, if I was able to pilot Asura effectively in a similar cycle, is it safe to assume I can handle Xul, as well?

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Yes and no… he’s not one that allows mistakes so you need to fly pretty well but once you eventually get all timings and flight rhythm down he does well with little difficulty


Possibly, although they fly differently


Well, for starters, Asura’s “Entrap” spell is a disabling spell, but you are correct in saying that Xul’s “Smothering Revelation” spell is a freeze spell.

Moreover, Xul’s spell set is many times more complex than Asura’s. You will not know how to fly Xul by knowing how to efficiently (and proficiently) fly Asura.

I would also like to assess the point that you made here:

A dragon will not be easy to fly just because it has white spells. Some dragons with a spell set consisting of only one white spell, the rest being red or blue, may be much easier to fly than those with 3-4 white spells. Sure, they would make it easier to evade damage from certain towers while mages are present, and may also make it easier to evade the mage shots themselves, but overall, additional white spells don’t always mean the dragon will be easier to fly, nor do they 100% guarantee the dragon’s success in the attack.


Thanks for the replies so far! I understand there is difference, both in spellsets, and in meta now with Howitzers and Orrerys. I was asking about the rough estimation of overall difficulty, and validity of a cyclic approach. So far it sounds like Xul is somewhat more complex despite white spells, but there is indeed a typical cyclic sequence with some variations, which works in a stable way after some learning. Looking forward to more opinions.

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The closest comparison I can give is Lusian. If you’re good with him, xul should be right in your ball park.


I do not have Lusian, but thanks, this comparison still helps.

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I have xul and he is very difficult alot harder then flying my asura


Okay, sounds like I will be better off with the warrior. I have other strong attackers.

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oh my eyes. :see_no_evil:

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I was pretty damn good with Lusian and it still took me a while to get Xul under control.

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Xul is weird , sometimes i can use it defended no problem but sometimes I just fly like a headless chicken
100% a recommend


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