I can’t find the crom rider shards.

Crom can be hired with blue rider shards, like any Atlas rider. The shards for lvl 51-60 are in the champion rider branch.

Don’t see it there

Go to atlas
Open season tab
Click on riders and primarchs
There you can claim the blue shards needed for hiring crom.
Then you need to lvl it from 1 to 50 eith glory and red shards.

When you complete this line can go to the exotic page and open the champion rider page to claim the crom shards needed for lvl 51 to 60.


I‘m confused isn’t he supposed to be hired with blue shards but leveled (to 50) with red shards? Did that change now and you only need blue‘s for the whole process?
Been a minute since I hired an atlas rider

Same, and you’re correct lol.

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