Y’all broke portals

3 hours ago I was on 4.31 and had a shiny portal I could travel to and use.

Post-update, dragons are playing ring-around-the-nothing and I can’t tap on it to travel to it or use it.

You can freely fly to any neutral, nml or friendly… You don’t need the portals.

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They left them in as a just in case… But they should he hidden.

I’m aware the portals are not needed per se, however:

  1. The castle it connects to is particularly far away, and as an E2P player I appreciate not having to burn up hastes if I need to send a prim quickly to trap;

  2. Nothing about portals should have changed between 4.31 and 4.35 according to the version update notes, so it’s either an unintended change that needs to be fixed, or an intended change (and therefore executed with subterfuge) that needs to be explained/owned.

Hehe, check again:

Hey, look at that!

Well I suppose anyone with Atlas access who doesn’t visit the forums but reads the change logs is going to be equally annoyed.


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The mechanics patch is linked in the release notes :stuck_out_tongue:


Just so we’re clear: I was lazy and didn’t read thoroughly. Therefore I am no longer on a ‘y’all broke portals’ kick.

I’m now on a ‘communicate better like you keep saying you will and then never actually do’ kick.

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Ah, I was still think forum release notes vs app store version history that I ignore :see_no_evil:

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