YABAE - Yet Another Broken Atlas Event

OK, normally, I can be diplomatic…possibly eloquent and articulate, but I’m beyond pissed off, so excuse me if this comes off rude, but Support tickets are an absolute waste of my time…example: Breeding comes, I get screwed out of the egg token bonus and rubies used to speed missions because I wasn’t paying attention. I get told to reinstall,and suck it up. The bonus will appear after reinstall. OK. No problem. Pissed, but I’ll suck it up.

Two Atlas event hits, attacks don’t count. Then, they do. Then, they don’t. And did I mention you lose a ton of troops with no event points? Twice in two days. I’m livid.

Now look, I get that mistakes happen, but cmon. Exactly how many times are you planning to screw me in one week? I love this game. I love atlas. I spend hours playing, but why should I have to suck up the losses? If I die on a base, and lose my troops, fine. But there is no point in continuing if I lose troops and get nothing for it except for random attack reports several hours later. And don’t get me started on the constant crashing of the graphics, the game, and my phone.

Why have pvp events where not everyone gets the same? And if you think the order of attacks doesn’t count…well, then we have a different problem. Here’s what I want: don’t give me the same bs excuse. Don’t figure out how to blame me, or look for ways you can misunderstood what’s being said…Fix it. Just fix the thing so I can remember what it was like to enjoy this game.

I’d ask for the prizes or the troops you owe me, but *** It would just be seen as me trying to get something for nothing. That being said, I don’t like someone screwing over my team. I would appreciate it, if my team and the guys we kerfuffled with could have their points and prizes at least. They worked hard for those points even if there are only a few.

Finally…just fix it.




Mine wirks fine… sorry you’re having issues.

I like how you slipped Richard Gere in there though… wait, what?


Oh my :flushed:

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I have never had an issue with an atlas event, but I do know it happens. However the crashing of the graphics and the game, to every1 iv’e talk to and suggested to lower their graphic settings, it usually fixes the issue for them. Keep in mind you can lower graphics both in-game and in your phone settings.

Yes, I’ve done all that. I find it hasn’t made a difference or made it worse. I just reboot several times per hour. The errors with beta only seems to happen during large battles with many prims and teams.

Same thing happened to me today … 15 successful five flame attacks with no points given … ridiculous waste of time

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Rich has been busy with me. So you might have s better chance with PG.


Rich is talented guy. He can do more than one thing at a time. Pg has its hands full and I no longer have the patience or desire to argue.

Know that if 2 people hit the same person, only the guy that finishes first will get recorded and the other one will depend on if the attacked player is wiped out or not.

If the primarch is wiped out, then it becomes an invalid. If it has a few more troops, then you will wipe those remaining troops. Sadly, you experienced the one where the primarch got wiped out.

This happens on large scale attack where you don’t know which of your team mate is attacking what primarch.

Can’t have that primarch lose troops that it doesn’t have anymore. Only way for PG to prevent this is to block further attack once someone initiates an attack, but then you will get the “HOW THE HELL DO I KNOW WHAT PRIMARCH I CAN ATTACK”, maybe an icon of crossed sword which indicates that someone is already hitting this.

Since Atlas is being updated in real time or close to it, this is already expected. A good example is Eve online. Once a large scale battle takes place, everything slows down to millisecond and you will have to switch to a spreadsheet type of thing and usually takes hours to finish those large scale battle.

No, that’s not it at all. Not even close to what is happening here

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