Yay 😃 Feeding next event



Yesss, that means feeding + fortification for the end of the season… i like it ! :slight_smile:


Kill it with fire


Damn I was nor ready for fort :+1:. Besides this Primarch event will dry my speed ups. :joy:


I’m curious when we’ll hear about sigil chests. Not that I don’t trust PG’s judgment implicitly here, but…


Call me paranoid, but I’m fully expecting some level of shenanigans. Either a price hike or something else stupid. Something about having such a large number of people all-in for Pathox makes me think they’ll take advantage of it.

That, coupled with my slight problem with insanity, led me to grind the living crap out of this week.


@PGCrisis are you able to give us any information one way or another yet, or could you provide us with a time frame of when an announcement may be made? There’s a lot of low-key (and some high-key) anxiety in the player base surrounding the sigil chests.


If they do something “clever”; I suspect many will just quit. Seems like more people are quitting now anyways.


PG has the QA Ask Me Anything event today 3-5 PT. Perhaps they will answer then.


Even better you could ask and they could just keep ignoring the question


Now let’s hope for that announcement saying this is the last feeding event ever…


Wasn’t announced not far before that event recurrence for fort and breeding was changed to 3wks instead of 4? :thinking::thinking::thinking:
I’m honestly happy but this is astonishing me


It was announced last week that they’re returning to the old cadence :slightly_smiling_face:


If they don’t do the sigils weeks. I might be one of those who will leave.


Um, yes, but this doesn’t fit into the old cadence, since Feed usually replaced a PvP. Is this replacing fort, or will that be next week?


Oh. I lost this!! I was happy for not waiting 4 wks on fort!


Excellent. Let this be the last feeding event and replace it with xp


Well, this is probably happening because PG tend to put the “triple threat” of feed/breed/fort together during the holidays. This also solves a few issues:

  • They have reverted the prize point thresholds to the previous amounts, which means if fort were this week it would still have only been 3 weeks since the last fort but without the point discount (which would have sucked a lot)
  • Many people have been begging for feed for three months
  • I imagine most of their office is taking the second half of the week off for family and turkey
  • It’s thematic (omnomnom :turkey:)


I’m not so concerned with the “why” so much as the “what’s next.”


Does anyone have any screenshots of the prize thresholds from the last feed event…?