Yay ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Feeding next event




PG be like after reading the overall feedback on feeding events



I may be as well. Iโ€™ve busted my ass to get Pathox. If they screw us over at the last minute so I cant finish him without spending then I may very well be done. At the very list Iโ€™d be taking a big step back from the game


If the choice was feeding or no feeding at all this season, I will take the lesser of 2 evils as I have a few more season prizes Iโ€™d like to gain without having to resort to sigil chests over the next 2 weeks. Fort and then feeding would have been better for me but I doubt many are in the same boat.

Feeding really really really needs to be replaced with something better. Starving dragons for 3 months is far from ideal for the players and PG.


this is the second feeding event of the season. but i agree. Iโ€™d rather have it now than in the first two week of the new season, and they do need to find a better event.



Yup. And Iโ€™m happy itโ€™s during Thanksgiving so all I have to do is train troops and feed my perch. Will ease my holiday not having to play this game.


Is it feeding for sure next event? How do you know?


:double facepalm:


Finally, a feeding event. I do not understand why PG only has one every 3 months. Give us one every 6-8 weeks at minimum.


Because most people hate it. Justifiably so.


6-8 weeks is not very different than 3 months. :rofl:


The company releases the coming event info every Monday morning (US time) through the Creators Faction members, who share it on their various platforms: instagram, twitter, youtube, whatever.

Look at https://twitter.com/pqhiggins or https://www.instagram.com/ad0r3d/ and probably many other places every Monday morning or whatever time that is where you are.


Use this instead

Itโ€™s weird though, that you didnโ€™t use your usual fontโ€ฆ


He mimics the original movie poster :slight_smile:

And i didnโ€™t want to bother searching for a gif so i just wrote what i was feeling lol



Letโ€™s hope not, feeding event great


@PGCrisis any confirmation for super sigil chests?


Um, every 6 weeks is roughly twice as often as every 3 months, soโ€ฆ Itโ€™s pretty different.

If Feeding really must be a thing, I definitely agree it should be on a ~6 week cadence rather than the 10-12 week itโ€™s historically on. I actually like flying my lineage dragons, but they get stupidly weak after starving them for almost 3 months. Especially with the sped up progressionโ€ฆ The dragons I hatched at the beginning of this season are a tier or more behind. Level 12-14 and Sapphire isnโ€™t going to cut it on a 211 invader base.

Iโ€™d prefer they just do away with Feeding altogether so I could just play the damn game.


Awesome thank you


Let us not forget the classic PG Facepalm