Yay 😃 Feeding next event


More better than Kingdom Wars bud :rose:



So super sigil chest (purchased with rubies) will be available the last week of the season?


2 weeks left.
First/this week - sigil promotion. More info should be available by tomorrow before event launch.

2nd/Final week - normal sigil chest will be back till season closure.

There are no super sigil or 2x sigils. Super sigil was the one where there was chance to have 5k sigil drop and normal sigil chest will have max 1 k sigil drop chance, This is what I understand from Arelyna above post.


Super sigil chests are the chests with only sigils at the end of the season. They have always been called this, with and without the 5k sigil drop in them. There is no “normal sigil chest”.


Do you or @mechengg know if there are bonus tiers in feeding as well? I’ve got a bunch of hungry line dragons I would like to feed for the next temple event, and they’ll push me well past the 4m line.


I guess it would’ve been asking too much that Feeding come before Temple Raid, as that would’ve allowed a lot of lower and mid-level people to train their obsolete dragons to be more useful against Guardians, and it would’ve kept Feeding closer to a schedule that I vaguely remember as stated as being intended (every 8w)…


So only one week of sigil chests? Doesn’t make a difference to me but an in game announcement might be a good idea. A lot of people are going to lose their shit when they see purchaseable sigil packs but no sigil chests.


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Why are you against Feeding? Would it be better to have feeding more often so dragons are not starved?

What is this XP replacement a few have mentioned and how should that work, how would we prepare for that event?

As it stands we are able to max out lower level dragons before feeding to get max rewards on feeding and this us a good one for both lower levels and higher level players.

I’m genuinely interested as to why a few are expressing their frustration with Feeding events. I’ve only been playing a little over a month and this will be my first feeding event.

Everyone on my team is excited about the feeding event.

I went through Red, Purple, Blue, Orange and Green tiers maxing each dragons so without training them for the upcoming Feeding event. This may be my best event yet since I’m actually prepared for it. I have several food packs and a few food boosts ready. Base boosts active and set for 6 days.

I guess everyone is different, I just play and do what I can do and if I can’t get a mythic Dragon I don’t sweat it I just try next time.


You don’t prepare. Train and feed your dragons, then during the event fly as much as you can. The higher your activity in the event, the higher your score. Whether you hit invader or real bases, you all fall within 20% or so of the event points you earn.


sorry mech didnt get this


1 month and through green tier with expert dragons means you are paying to play. It’s different in terms of food packs available for you vs I


How so?
The proposal is for a Log10 scaling of XP -> Event points every run you do
This helps to equalize the playing field for lower vs higher level, those with invader and not, etc


is that applied to this event ?


You are confusing as fuck man.

We are discussing Red’s proposal for an XP event. This has NOTHING to do with the current feeding event.

Please learn to read.


The issue with feeding is it forces players to not progress. Dragons directly impact your performance in pvps. The stronger your dragons, the more you can beat.

Feeding encourages people to NOT progress. That’s a problem. It convinces people to stay weak until an event. It encourages people to develop awful habits.

Feeding is also challenging for those whose dragons are maxed. What do you do if you have already finished your dragons? Feed perches. That’s it.

Alternatively. Why not have an event that rewards you for just earning exp. it encourages you to fly. It allows those with maxed dragons to still earn exp and participate. Hell this event happened! People had ZERO heal time for an event and were just encouraged to play the game! Activity mattered. You didn’t have to stay weak for months to prepare. You could just play. Simple. Fair. It encourages you to move on.

Outside of being VERY easy points, why should feeding exist? It’s not like fort in that you need time to build up timers and resources.



:frowning: I dont get your way of responding sometimes


It’s extremely frustrating when someone reads a single line of text and takes it completely out of context by not reading and understanding the topic at hand and what is being discussed.


Ouch, wouldn’t that be a downgrade from Feeding, at least with Feeding you can prepare. Wouldn’t that cause many lower levels to not get many prizes/unlocks from xp event?


ok go to the doctor it might help you with the frustration

ok no jokes look at the reply u did , that is confusing as fuck , for a moment I thought I missed something