Yay 😃 Feeding next event


That’s why there is a specific formula that equates for it. I’m not a mathematician so I’m not the best to explain it but There is a thread that explains it and balances it out for all levels. But no it isn’t a downgrade at all. Check the thread red posted out. It’s a good read


I think you convinced me, that does seem more balanced for all levels and players even if some won’t max out rewards.


I quoted the section of his statement that was asking about the XP event everyone was talking about.
Learn some fucking reading comprehension, this isn’t the first time i’ve called you out for not reading either. So the suggestion is even more relevant.


ok I will take your advice for granted , hope u do the same by working on your mood.


For those that are interested in reds suggestion and how she thinks it could work.

Explains the log 10 thing as well so people who earn 100 times more exp don’t vastly out scale everyone else


No I’m not paying much, I’ve only bought normal elite, I don’t even buy value packs. I have gotten atlas elite twice, both 7day but other than that I got one $20 pack when I first started like week 2.
I’m level 62 and make sure to do multipliers everyday and get higher levels to run me for max xp.


You are doing really well then!

Sometimes the best thing to do is lurk and listen and research for the first bit while you are learning the game instead of immediately trying to argue against mechanics enriched individuals who have been playing a min-max version of the game for many years :stuck_out_tongue:


What are you talking about? I don’t think that was warranted, I haven’t argued with anyone, I simply asked questions. I don’t appreciate rudeness when it’s not called for. It seems you are in a bad mood and have been arguing with several people and that has got you in this mood. So instead of taking that frustration out on others, let it out a healthy way.

On another note:
great guides, I read a few of yours.


Was just a friendly tip to new players. :slight_smile:


Or we could all just feed and forget about the event… it’s just a game…


Or just forget about the game all together :man_shrugging:


This is one of those events that I wouldn’t care if they got rid of. I have prepared for the event by taking a dragon to a level I can clear invader bases with it and then I’ll just run multipliers to store XP waiting for the event so I get my points, but I wouldn’t say I’m a person that looks forward to it. All of the minor events require me to sneak away from work at the start time to use whatever resource is required so my phone doesn’t explode from “You’re being attacked” notifications.


Hey if you don’t want to try to think of ways to improve the game that’s fine. I hope you enjoy the event regardless.

But for me I’d like to see the game get better. So I’ll highlight good suggestions I’ve seen.


Feeding should not be an event. Feeding your dragon is a daily activity just like attack runs: there is not sense of event with feeding. It’s also detrimental to starve dragons for event points; it’s especially bad if you starve your active dragons.

PG needs to rework feeding.

  1. Make Feeding a season long event: you get various prizes based how much food is spent during a season.

  2. Or make feeding a daily quest: you feed x times/ x amount a day ( dragons or perch).


Daily quest? Are you serious?


Yes, a daily quest.
Like feed 500K food for 500 egg tokens.

Right now feeding event is only good for replacing bad PvP event like kingdom wars.


New poster, so be kiiiind …
I like the feeding events. It’s like reward time getting to watch my drags go up levels. I have good lead dragons, and enjoy the competitive raiding to come up with food.
I think one reason some don’t like it, is it can be “over” in a day once you’ve feed everything you can. Makes for a slow week thereafter (which is not necessarily a bad thing from time to time. …)
How would it work to run feeding over-laid on another event? Or for the first couple days of any other given event? That way it would happen often enough to keep pace with raising dragons, but not be boring for those who finish it up in a day or two?


In feeding events so far as a low level player I’ve gone in thinking I was prepped and found the achievement tiers just too far apart to get very far. Food was not that hard to find, but little dragons don’t eat much, nor little perches. It felt like a really low ceiling not just for me but for my whole team when I was in gold.

I enjoy the power boost you get from older dragons after they shoot up many levels. One or two that I thought was a useless little stinker has earned a place on the roster. Nonetheless a lame event. It would be better to have the power sooner. And it’s nasty to keep people waiting and wondering and constantly having to weigh prep for this lame and irregular event over power that’s usable on a daily basis.

If I were calling shots at PG, I wouldn’t prioritize replacing feeding, but I’d revisit the achievement tiers to see if it could be more new player friendly. I’d also tell people when it’s coming instead of trying to be cute and mysterious. :mage: :roll_eyes:


I hope everyone took the poll that was sent out. I am impressed that they care about the fan base SO much, that they actually want feedback. Way to go! Ppl stop panicking, it’s creating drama that’s not needed. Positive thinking, positive actions…


You guys REALLY need to make sure to mention this in the ingame mail regarding THIS week’s event as a LOT of players are likely to lose their shit when sigil chests don’t appear. Historically, sigil chests are the last TWO weeks of the season. With all the recent commotion, a change to that routine without an explaination would = a bad day for PG.