Yay 😃 Feeding next event


Or possibly it’s intentional, hoping that the players who don’t read the forums will go for the packs for money since they may think there’s no sigil chests coming.

Naw, couldn’t be, that would be downright shady.


Why does it feel like it’s their plan all along. Don’t tell players about it

  • The whales/ big spenders will buy the sigil promotion packs anyways thinking there’s no more sigil packs

  • Those who don’t spend will go mad and complain and they come up with the sigil chest on the last week to calm them down

I guess it’s a Win for PG this way, compared to if they let all of the player base know, some of the spenders might not even go for the sigil promotions if they already had Rubies saved up for Sigil chests. :man_shrugging:


Will feeding start today? Or on Thanksgiving?


Normally, today.


At 10 PM UTC


On Thanksgiving obviously :wink:


Why?? Its usually there forbtheblaat 2 weeks of the season…??


I will PM you in game right now to let you know when it starts. And it’s certainly not to bookmark you and take your food before the event starts




Honestly i have a shit ton of dragons to feed. Like probably 50M worth
I’m going to take the opportunity to raid and feed for the few hours leading up to the event i think, the event is just going to be perches and packs anyways so why not feed while the raiding is easy right?


Another reason for late updating drop list :grin:


@PGCrisis @Arelyna

Is there any reason why there’s been no in-game mail about this week event? They usually get published 24 hours before it starts… is there any delay we should expect?



I really hope these purchasable sigil packs are a good value. There was no announcement in game about it and there is already a mass exodus happening as it is. This just pushed back me finishing pathox by one week but some people are going to flip their lids at yet something else that hasn’t been communicated by pg, go figure.


I really hope this “sigil promotion” is not a pack. Free to play players can at least use rubies they’ve saved up on the sigil chests, but can’t spend actual money on packs. And if it is, especially if it’s anything like the “Halloween special” trash pack we got, I’m done.


My uncle hated it when my dad played that one Queen song “by accident” for his first dance at a wedding. It was a snappy number, what was it called again? :eyes:


I have a question. When will this feeding event go away?
Like breeding my drags ran out of siemens on 2nd day and the rest is like they just roll over and sleep till event is over. Same goes with food by 2nd day my drags are in food coma till event is over. Please think of something different. These events are getting bored.


When is the event starting? :eyes:


What’s the promotion?




Your dragons ran out of what?