Yay 😃 Feeding next event


:eyes: Any good food source?
Still haven’t feed most of my hungry divines (Necryx ate all of my food packs)


Sylphen ate a lot of my food at the start lol. I’m saving the food packs to bridge the gap in feeding. I raided until the food dried up… then I went back to working on preparing food for tomorrow.


I’m tempted to broke my chest stash, but I have a guilty feeling everytime I open my armory…


I know what you mean. I’m trying to hoard my gold chests until next season.


Lmao really? I don’t even have any sigils packs not that I would buy them anyways. More selective pack offerings?


It’s only from Friday to Monday


Maybe a brand specific way to say energy? I guess is dragons are tired. :rofl:


Considering he was talking about breeding I’m wondering what he ended up misspelling :joy::joy::see_no_evil:


I just wish that if PG want to keep this event (which I hope not), they will give us 0 heal time during this event.


I don’t understand why no one likes this event. It’s one of the easiest to get points in.


I wonder why we did not get an email announcement for this event and it wasn’t posted on the war dragons calendar either. Social media is not the place to announce anything having to do with game play like this as many are not on social media and it puts them at a disadvantage. I also feel the same with such things as line app. Since that is not within the game itself I feel this is a strange way to keep your customers informed.


Because you finish in about an hour and then there is checking in every 15 minutes to feed perches. No food to attack also makes it frustrating to play. Basically it is boring and NO progression is made in event.


Little update on this. Sorry to the people who had been saving up in their storage AND farms, i had hit after hit of 600-800k food from you. But my dragons are happy and thank you for trying to start the event off to a good start :slight_smile:
It was definitely the best/easiest feeding effort i’ve done in a while and still left some to feed during the event.


How do you finish in an hour? I’ll be feeding dragons all week and probably still won’t feed them all.


8 million in food packs did not even need to take food out of the atlas bank


Wow. I don’t have anywhere near that many. :rofl:


Honestly it’s because it’s such a boring grind. It encourages terrible habits and stops incremental increases of dragon power.

Fort you need the time to get resources like clocks and embers. Feeding. It stops you using something you get by playing the game. That and if your not on in the first hour things are so Grindy

It being an easy event doesn’t make it good. I know this week will be my lowest activity out of all events once I have hit my point goal

I’d rather an event that doesn’t stop you wanting to level dragons outside of it. Like the exp event suggestion that’s thrown around.


Different strokes I guess. This event is just like fort to me, but with dragons. I really enjoy it.


8M in food packs is only 800k points…how is that done?


I need like 25M food for the rage glyph