Yay more player bugs! (Sarcasm)

I have 2 player bugs one old and one new

  1. The well known old one- displaying player levels higher than they actually are
  2. The new one- My player portrait is the 3rd radiant huntress portrait obviously, but in team meeting hall and chat it looks like I’m the Tor portrait.
    PG please fix these annoying glitches
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Sync error

Did you log into another account from your device? Did a friend/teammate log onto your account from their device?

Both are well known to permanently glitch accounts

In an attack with active defense, you and your follow’s portrait could well become the defenders portrait as well…

Something that has been happening for a long time…

Only on some of my Alt account never has happened on main.

If I do ANYTHING to fast like claim Sigils, speed something up, etc it will just crash and say something about attempting to reach server.

Edit* posted here because seemed like a decent place to post :+1:

I read about something with fast claiming seasonal prizes was somewhat intentional, somewhere. Don’t remember where it was lol.

But yes it took me two days to claim Kirin as to every time i go claim for a few and the game resyncs… had to claim slowly

The game doesn’t seem to like it if you try claiming another prize before the previous one has finished syncing or whatever. If you wait for the little loading dots to stop spinning that helps

Yeah because you can actually claim the next prize without having the Sigils needed. It used to take a second to deduct the Sigils so if you automatically claimed the Next prize you could claim the next prize without having the Sigils needed sometimes even claim 2 after.

Was a similar bug with bronze chests where open up armory during pvp and when having a free bronze chest you would goto rewards tab and the bronze chests popped back up if you went to rewards then immediately back…A FRIEND claimed 86 free bronze chests lmao but of course it left him with a balance of negative 87 so he had to get 88 chests before he claim another one :joy:

Both of these things were from well over a year ago.

No to both of those. I have no idea why this happens

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