Yeah, its a jerk move

Is there a way to hunt down specific user’s primarch in Atlas? I’m Frustrated by folks killing my 1 troop prim who is harmlessly farming gold in NML. I’d like to return the favor lol.

I can accept the hunters who hit glory swaps with above 15k+ troops, but killing a 1 troop prim?! okay, however you want to spend your 3 minutes.

Are there jerk moves out there or am I too sensitive (go farm by your castle)?

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You can’t find them like that with the basic tools presented by PG, but what you can:

  • Find the team name
  • on a searching site look up that team
  • look up their castles
  • individually search for each castle and locate where is the desired player’s primarch is situated
  • go and kill the primarch if it is accessible one way or the other

If that is even worth your time

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I didn’t even know there were players who killed 1-troop primarchs, but now that you mention it, it sounds kind of fatuous, because it’s not like you gain anything.

At the very best outcome you complete the weekly wipe out primarch quest by killing 1 troop prim. No effort. For the guys who are too fragile to hit the castle.


They’re already punishing themselves by hitting a 1 troop prim and wasting their time.


I do this all the time for the medals lmao. (I know its pointless but it makes me happy. Don’t judge)

PM me player name in game and ill find them :rofl: MrMonopoly ign

Can find it out through WdScripts if you look up a player’s stats - it shows where their prims are too

Ofcourse though, that would require you to have access to the website, which may not be convenient


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