Year of the Player - Update #1 Discussion Thread


Please discuss your thoughts regarding the First of the Year of the Player Updates here!


Happy, yay!

@mechengg help please!!!


All things considered, good stuff.

There have been some promising changes, and today’s updates are definitely something we’ve been waiting for.

That said, it would be nice to have some idea of the future, too.

In particular, I’d especially like if PG would come out and guarantee that they won’t change dragons after release (that is, release dragons at a balanced point, so they wouldn’t need to be changed). Or at least offer meaningful compensation if they did change them. Because that’s been happening basically every season, and it’s a serious screw-you from a customer service standpoint.


Yep I already have it ready to go in the planner when it’s officially rolled out :slight_smile:


Thank you PG :grinning:

Hopefully, this pattern continues as more tiers are released.



Neptus… (Jorm)
Aibrean… (Sakura)
Will be hard especially for reusing old spells.

Also, the case of Surt.


Will the changes be out before fort starts?


Without wandering too far off the main thread topic, I’m not saying that new dragons shouldn’t have new versions of old spells, but rather that a dragon shouldn’t be changed following its release; it should be released balanced, or not at all. Or if it does need to be changed for some reason, players who had already gotten it shouldn’t be given a “Huh. Sucks to be you, I guess.”

Surt in particular is an example of this: It wasn’t released balanced, and it should have been. But this also means that those who initially got what they paid for got screwed over twice, with no option to change their decision and no compensation for the changes to the dragon.

Ideally, it would have been released well-balanced - indeed, it sounded like the GPF tested a more balanced version. But if it was not (as occurred) and needed to be changed, players who got him wouldn’t just have to sit there and be screwed.


To my knowledge, they will be. :blush:


For this, I agree 100%

On topic : Thanks @Arelyna


Given that Red is not on the forums, maybe a Rulith rep can report if/when the breeding guide will be adjusted.


I assume that XP was not changed? Only the cost and timer requirements?


Dammit! All my towers are at 65 and I just started using vanguards to breed. But good on you PG, even if you are a month or two late. :roll_eyes:


Can we get some type of “ping” when the changes go live? Imagine the disappointment on pulling the trigger on an upgrade and missing the discount by --><-- that much.


It will be delivered via a minor update. There should also be the pop-up upon launch to let you know.


@Sandberg Updates for ? I can’t live without it. Mostly because I refused to use Excel on my tablet. :slight_smile:


@Arelyna do these building discount apply to Perch as well? Asking for a friend :eyes:


Ok with the reduction in timers by 30% in atlas this atleast offsets it mostly so I am happy with this change.


Not so much for players near max. They are still running 30% short and in the most dire need of timers with the highest costs.



Yes, they will @Zaddy!