Yes no fun for us guys. Sorry

Can we have some fun. Laugh :laughing: or something. You think those players cares for what we think come on :man_facepalming:t2: Geez


Yeah, yeah, just stay inside the garden!
forum guidelines, you know


2 Dragons walk into a bar
Dragon 1: It’s a bit hot in here.
Dragon 2: Shut you mouth.


2 Dragons walk into a bar
The third one cloaks over it and as such is not hit by the bar death explosion,
as cloak bug no longer hinders a dragon’s capability to fly.

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Okay, so you know how Bill Clinton used to be President now he travels around the world with Bill Gates curing AIDS and stuff? And he usually wears grandpa reading glasses and says, “Hey now, I can’t hurt anybody no more!” Okay, so he usually goes onto shows where kids ask him questions like, “Ooo ooo ooo! Mister President, what’s your favorite food?” And Bill Clinton goes “I dunno… fries!?”

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But but but…

Cant they fly in and land on a bar? :thinking:

Honestly, idk as they have Bar Dragons…


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