Yet another sync error

this is about 6 times or so?? this has happened to me!! i have lost dozens of rider shards which is the biggest lose for me as i put a lot of effort to win these and use keystones wisely…second lose is that once the shards are gone, my level is brought back to the previous level! and i lose my skill points on rider as well!

i am losing on top of my rider shards, a lot of GP/XP on rider and none of which ever comes back with restarts…

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I didn’t ask if I could share that.

hey, no not that, when you click level, the screen shows a message saying “our servers are attempting to sync and will now restart.”

once the restart happens, your down 4-8k XP, lose about 7-15 shards, no skill points gained…

Hmm. That’s even worse. Ugh.

I’m sorry man.

it is what it is, im just more frustrated that because of the defensive rider coming out in seaosn basically just flushes all my time and hard work i put in getting so many shards, levels and xp for my current rider, all waste and gone. PG is yet to even repay back anything i lost in process. seriously getting closer to quitting the game. not fun or cool putting your time in and letting it get flushed down the drain and having PG not care about it.

Why should riders be solely for atlas players only? That’s very selfish thinking on your part. I look forward to everyone having the opportunity to have a defensive rider.


Did you put in a ticket? Is this new for you? When PG did the initial fix for the sync error with defensive riders, I had to reinstall for some reason. I got a sync error yesterday but on restart I still had all my shards.

yes, i been contacting support and no help yet, this is not the first time…

i never said atlas players should only have it. do not assume something i did not say.

No you can have two riders… what will suck for those who do not have their defense rider either maxed or at least to 30 is that the seasonal rider, who does NOT need glory, will still cut the glory received by the Atlas rider, who does need it, in half.

Regardless, I am still glad to see a seasonal defense rider.

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what happens if there is only one rider and second perch doesn’t have rider?

you got some nice gear. I have no clue which gear to forge though

Same as in attacks

1 perch rider = 100% glory for that rider
2 perch riders = split glory, 50% for each rider
3 perch riders = split glory, 33% for each rider


yes this wat im saying, i dont mind there being seasonal rider as i was very happy because we need them, but just the ones needed glory are really hard to get to where i got her …

The level-up sync error is something that’s on our radar (68196), but it seems to have been resided a bit since the initial reports a few weeks ago. In the meantime, I’d suggest writing in to support so they can verify that the action failed, and in that case credit the shards and Glory back so that you may try the level-up once more.

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i did @PGEggToken , but support said they can not credit me my shards or glory… as this is something they can not promise or say sure in the future either…

It hasn’t subsided for me, I just got it.

this is what i been saying, it happens with every level that you mostly do… it has not gotten any better but probably worse…

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