Yet 'another' war dragon site,

hello there.
I wanted to share with more people the little project I am working on recently. I know there are already a few nice sites. Can’t be helped, I started doing this right after dragon-manager original site was down, and added things here and there.
Apart from some standard stuff like dragon/building/breeding/runes, you will find here some more complex rider functionality and full (not yet completed) dragon builder (with runes/riders/skills damage).

I hope someone will find it useful.
site is available here:

happy flying!



thank you , its a great resource . :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! It’s very useful!

That dragon builder is something completely new and cool :sunglasses:
Very nicely done in general, clean and easy to use.
Now I’ll be torn between this site and Morreion’s :smile:

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great things is… you can use both haha. i dont like inventing wheel over again (some of it i did, but it was before other sites were released or they missed things i needed) so i think my site won’t replace full functionality of others (i myself use Morreion’s egg combo page and xGOxMerlin’s Almanach seems to have fancy forti planner addons )

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Same here, I look up spell and rune information on wdstats because I haven’t got those on my own site. And I think it’s great to have multiple sources to compare if some bit of data feels off. And the dragon builder is cool, don’t think I’ll have one of those any time soon.

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Perhaps you’re applying some fixes or working on it but you may need to upgrade the server. I’m getting a lot of 503 errors.

I discovered it through a screenshot from one of @OrcaFrost posts and I didn’t understood why It’s not on the forum… it has many useful tools and info I’ve long searching for!!

AKA: spell description with % of HP or atk based on, customizable rider skill tree, well organized, good looking, fast and easy…

As Mr. clooney would say: “what else?”

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should be fine, sorry. need to monitor server i guess. (i did some work what could affect that meantime)


Just waiting for the owner to make it public himself :laughing:

You did great work .
I like the site

Cool stuff, clean and simple, thank you for contributing to the community!

hey there,
I have implemented sharing option for builds, so you can now share/show your full build with others.


site updated to latest changes (new season stuff, towers, discounts) enjoy!



updated to recently tower changes


Best. Raz. Ever.

hi could you please look at the lvl requirements for empyrean dragons like uvs? it says you can max him with 395, but still need an empyrean dragon, which needs still lvl 400.

btw: great site, i love it :heart_eyes: