YinYan Alpaca Party

If you are on YinYanWarriors or are a special friend you are cordially invited to our super official alpaca party. :partying_face:

  • https://yinyanalpaca.rsvpify.com/
  • November 1-3
  • A teammate’s farm :partying_face:
  • We are going to have epic meal time bbq, go to some alpaca farms and hug alpacas, and if I can figure out how to find a food truck we will visit a taco truck.
  • There will also be s’mores.
  • Oh yeah. Dragons. Sure.
  • I am 99.99999% sure a lot of time will be spent on a party train in Atlas.

The biggest secret on yy shall finally be revealed :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Will the alpaca on the invite be there?

I think I took its picture from one of the farms websites lol. But I also may have Googled it. I honestly can’t remember. Soooo maybe?


I’ll wear a bag over my face the whole weekend. :smirk:

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but I wanted to ride off into the sunset on an alpaca :frowning:

She’s adorable. Reminds me of a bunny

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You can’t get the true alpaca experience with a bag on your head


How does one barbecue an alpaca exactly? I thought they were mostly for wool. Didn’t realize people ate them too. But I guess it makes sense if you’re an alpaca farmer or such.


Ask the Peruvians

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We are hugging alpacas not eating them. :triumph:

(The pig is getting ready.)

You had me at Al paca
But where is this Magical farm.
What city, state, country. Is it earth.

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Yes where is this taking place?

Where is my invite code? :thinking:

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Why didn’t you include his alpaca friend?

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It’ll be out in the blistering heat. They wanna invite you but don’t want you taking that kind of risk. Here, have some ice cream instead and stay chill :ice_cream::icecream::shaved_ice:

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It’s in November when yankees can tolerate the southern weather. :grin:

I don’t think he fit lolol


Why do I bother? No matter how big they get, they never really grow up. :roll_eyes:

My wife likes alpacas… may we crash your party? We will bring whatever asked beer, liquor, alpaca treats, chicken wings, anything you want :upside_down_face:

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