YinYanWarriors Recruiting level 100or higher

Hey everyone we are recruiting active players who are interested in knowing how to play Atlas Or already knows how please apply or talk with officers if anyone is interested. :grin:

So how many? Out of curiosity.

It’s about quality not quantity maybe 10 will apply and all accepted and maybe not

Are you saying that anybody on your team is up for grabs (to get the boot) if someone higher level/more active comes around and applies? Ouch.

I just found it odd at first glance that a Diamond/Sapphire team would make it so blatant that they’re looking for replacements. (Especially during an event in which wars can be declared.)

Don’t mean to interfere or get in the way. But, perhaps is useful for anyone else considering to apply.

You get it wrong there our members are not replaceable but I can get someone worthy enough for me to kick my alt for example :grin: so it’s all about the quality in the end

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