YotP #4 speculation thread. Post here before the big announcment

I’m still sorta amused. Why?

I tossed out that the next patch would have left hand mode and not anything else. Mostly correct.
I said that PG would keep to their current Abysmal tier pricing and offer maybe steeper discounts when it became obsolete. Nailed it hours before the post.

So here is everyone’s chance. Predictions for tomorrows Year of the Payer update number 4!

PG is going to highlight the new research (Really does cost 1 MILLION egg tokens!), new tier (multi million tokens) and tier discounts(N-2 at 10%), and…

A) Offer Yearly Atlas Elite: Come on! You KNOW you want to prepay for a year of Atlas Elite now, right?
B) Add ability to rename Riders: Big time player win!
C) More Fun Branches like Headless Horseman: PG goes to Oktober fest!

Post yours below. Only counts if you get it right before the official post. :slight_smile:


better filtering of castle/player/team names for profanity!


D) PG worked with discourse to add a Forum setting that automatically filters any post that contains a cat, cat meme, or disparaging remarks about War Dragons. Player win!


Nope, that would actually fix something :joy:, Budapest is apparently against the profane code.

I guess, Tower discounts to 75. With a smidge of broken farms

Maybe. Seems like a decent distraction. Doesn’t really benefit the players but is technically something we asked for. I’m sure it’ll come with a hefty ruby cost though, just to make sure we aren’t getting too much good stuff.


FIFY :yum:


Left hand mode
Yearly Atlas
Something with Embers

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More stones for Lord Ember! For only $1000, you too can purchase a green stone for Ember. Adds 1k attack power and nothing else.


Better guess would be how many bugs occur with the update. Any takers?


Left hand mode reverts to normal during some fights.


Crisis said it’d provide an update on the Big Ticket/Easy Win items from the Happiness/QoL threads…so going through those…:

“We have removed A/B testing!” Great, except we wanted improvement, not just removal.

“We continue to roll out tier-based discounting!” Even though we continue to make it harder to reach/stay at endgame.

“We have improved Ryuu!” See what we did with Namaka? Aren’t you awed?

“We have fixed wildfires!” Cost has been reduced.

“Rider renaming is a thing now!” How nice.

“More fun branches!” Sorry, I meant “more power creep.”

“Left-handed mode!” It only took a few years to manage the complex concept of “add toggle to swap button positions.”

“We made it possible to hide RSS transfer notifications!” I guess that’s something.

Oh, and “We have heard your concerns about the economy/gold chests/timers/etc. and are taking them under serious consideration.”


My guess is new towers and a new currency thus making previous ones obsolete.


“BOTH mythics are going to be shrine dragons next season” is my guess


E) Branch prizes are increased by 10% next season and monuments will now drop 1 and 3 hour timers instead of 1 and 3 min timers 50% of the time.

Just enough to give the illusion they are fixing things while tower costs go up 90% just like linage mythics.

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They are going to scale gold chests. However instead of scaling up with level they will stay the same for the highest levels and scale down for everyone below lvl 500 since those levels should be exclusive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I bet for an Meglok and Namaka nerf… Missed the mythics nerf this season.


Yeah, after getting Namaka, I’ve been waiting for the nerf. :joy:

Being able to rename teams.
New elemental chest. Let’s make it a platinum.
Abolishment of bronze tier because there isn’t a big enough player base to sustain it.
Higher points needed to get lower prizes in PvP events.

We’ve analysed our data and your feedbacks. It appears players find it very long to breed dragons and to open chests (when you have big numbers)…

Introducing… Chests caps and egg token caps !

Gold chests is now limited to 200. Once you’ve reach that numbers you’ll have to open it to be able to accumulate gold chests again.

Bronze chests cap: same as above but with 1k chests.

Atlas badges chests cap: same as gold chests

Egg token cap: players are now limited to 100k tokens. You’ll have to spend those tokens to be able to accumulate tokens again

Year of (punishing) the Grinders

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Official PG Release:

"We have heard your concerns about seasonal mythics and how easy they are to obtain. It was never our intention to allow everyone to get one. They should intentionally be more challenging to attain as the game progresses. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that obtaining a mythic requires 4 keys!

But fear not Dragonlords. To allow for 8 keys, we have heard your calls and the festive will now grant a key! And we are pleased to announce the 8th branch. Due to the popularity of the base boost, we have created a new “Dragon Boost.” This will increase your dragons attack and HP by up to 22%.

Fly swift Dragonlords."