You all deserve better

You seriously all deserve better - I’ve been playing the game since December and there are a plethora of issues that I personally feel PG should resolve, instead of releasing new events/dragons;

My post has been split in to the following sections;
Performance and UI
Events and Quests

Performance and UI

First and foremost, there is a major difference between Android and Apple devices;

Battle history:
My phone (Android) will only display the last attack that occurred against my base, but nothing more.
My partners phone (Apple) displays a far longer history of attacks against their base.

Menus/Atlas loads faster on an Apple device, rather than an Android

Event UI:
Icons and information on an Apple device is displayed larger and clearer with different positioning when compared to an Android device.

How and why are there such stark differences between these two operating systems?

Atlas UI
To be brutally honest, Atlas feels like a failed sequel that ended up getting bolted on to War Dragons, this is both in terms of the way it plays, and how out of place it feels from the ‘main game’.

  1. Atlas gives you rider specific quests, but it does not allow you to view your rider in any way, you need to leave Atlas to do this - Why?

  2. Primarchs exist, and to be honest I don’t see the point in them, since we still use our ‘main game’ dragons to attack.
    Since we focus so heavily on our main game dragons, why on earth can I not see them from within Atlas? Why must I leave?

UI in general:
This is my major gripe - You can tell this game was release 5+ years ago.
How many games do you see that need a loading bar to load a menu?

How is the coding so bad, that you need to take 5-10 seconds to load an interactive menu?

Why does this menu need to reload after checking an attack/defense notification?

Why does the event menu take FOREVER to load when using mobile data? (5G)
Are you using BMP image formats or something? (lol)

Tool Tips / Tutorials
I appreciate that this game has been around for years, and that it’s received a number of updates and changes - However I have noticed some conflicting information within tool tips/tutorials;

  1. Ice Turrets - The video text states that it ‘Slows Dragons’, however the tool tip states that it specifically slows Hunter Dragon rate of fire recovery - Which is true?

  2. Tutorials and Quests in Atlas reference ‘Mines’, but unless I am blind or looking in the wrong places, mines don’t actually exist.
    I complete the ‘mining quest’ in Atlas by attacking beasts.
    Where are the mines?
    If they don’t exist then update the quests and tutorials to take that in to consideration.

Events and Quests

This is a bit of a sore subject right now, but my gripes aren’t with Kingdom Wars specifically.

Events stepping on other event toes:
We had a PVP event this time around, the event dropped at the same time we had an Atlas event of levelling primarchs and riders.
The problem here was with the main game event essentially bringing the Atlas event to a halt.
You couldn’t attack, or be attacked by other players, so you couldn’t earn glory, so you couldn’t level your primarchs and riders.

Where is a compensation for your bad timing, PG?
How often will this end up happening?
Why aren’t you able to differentiate Atlas PVP from main game PVP?

Season Dragon Quests:
For the last two days I’ve received ‘Seasonal’ dragon quests in replacement of the ‘standard’ ones, these are specifically asking for Divine Dragons that can only be obtained through past events;
Hueso and Morta (Heuso is divine, I couldn’t even find Morta in the breeding/divine list)

This morning I woke up to all three of my dragon quests asking for one of the above dragons.
Being a new player I have no option but to discard all three, and then wait hours for new quests to drop.

Dragon Quests vs Rider Quests:
I was stoked to get my first Rider geared up to the point that I could send them on a rider quest - Until I realised that they work completely differently to dragon quests, as you lose access to the rider and the dragon for the full duration of the (12 hour) quest timer.
There is very little reason, in my opinion, to do these quests and it feels like a complete waste of time.

Why can’t these quests act in the same way as the dragon quests?
What makes them so special?

Atlas isn’t a very friendly place for new players. It feels as though there’s hardly any readily available information about how things work and what you should do.
It’s dull, confusing, and just static.

The only action I ever see going on are;

  1. ‘Guard swapping’
  1. ‘Glory swapping’
  2. Aligane (Spelling?)

Outside of these three things, there’s nothing to do. Nothing changes, everyone seems to just hold on to their castles, everyone has a bubble to prevent attacks, no one sits in the red zones unless they want to.
There’s just no drive, everything is too safe and there’s no reason to start wars, etc.

I feel a lot of the game needs a good shake up, and a number of areas need to be re-vamped to become relevant again, but none more so than Atlas. Give us a reason to fight!


There’s not much to say here on top of what people already know.
I do have an Elite account and I feel there is value for money, and at the time I was happy to support the game, but when looking at Atlas, my desire to support PG lessens dramatically.

It’s one thing to ask for £30 for a year, PS+, Xbox Live etc cost more, so I feel it isn’t a huge ask.
But when you’re asking for £20 per month for a handful of bonuses in a clunky, boring, static game (Atlas), I can’t help but smell greed.

In Conclusion
You may have read this post and thought 'These are just small things, they’re insignificant in the grand scheme of things - But in my mind these are things that need to be addressed by PG and fixed.
These are the things that are causing the early game to be a barren wasteland
These are the things things that are preventing new players from being attracted and staying with war dragons.
These are the things that will drive the blade ever deeper and kill the game.

There are better, sleeker, and better put together games out there and PG should be working on how they can compete in, what’s becoming, an impressive mobile gaming market.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Yay you did it :partying_face:


Oh boy:) ima try and help ya.

I would agree pg is greedy but there so bad at making money it’s hard for me to get behind that. You want my opinion. The dev team for wd suffers from basically being a second hand dev team. Pg has a few other apps and games that I think take up most of there manpower.

I am in no way trying to insult anyone at pg, I’m sure they do the best with which they are given, and I’m sure they have some very smart ppl working there. This is simply an observation, and the one which makes most sense to me.

Atlas was based around an open world. It’s also 4? Years old at this point. We have a similar problem on our team where we have some smaller players (not end game) and it’s harder for them to participate in group activity’s. Raiding, group snipes, etc. they are super active and id personally rather have 20 of them then some of the “whales” who are only active for about 25mins a day.

The stagnation you touched on is also a big problem. Basically, in my opinion the map is poorly made, blockade times helped. However, due to game mechanics it’s very hard and time consuming to take anything. Those include mega alliance spam making it too laggy to hit, 3k prim spam that’s annoying to deal with, the fact most of us have jobs and can’t be at our phones fighting for 8h.

I can see ur point. As a new player you probably don’t have a lot of gear and old riders to play with. For someone like me, with 20+ riders it’s not really a problem. Once you get on a team with more and better castles these quests get quite good:)

Lol this is still happening? @PGGalileo this was supposed to be fixed months ago.

This happened a lot tbh. It’s kinda dumb. Basically pvp will be every other week and prim training will be every 3 weeks. It’s a little confusing at 1st but you will get use to it.

The main problem here is lack of updates. mines use to exists. However, you are right. The video guides are borderline unless, and the tutorials are extremely out dated and bad. I was lucky enough to have a good irl friend show me how to play and what to do. If I didn’t, I don’t think I would ever understand lol. Srs though, getting on a decent team and asking lots of questions helps :slight_smile:

Load times suck, especially on an android. I play on an iPad and don’t have too much trouble with them. However, everyone I know who uses android has serious problems making the game basically unplayable.

Pg codes the game for iOS and ports it to android which is where most of the problems start.

In conclusion I totally understand your frustration with the game, and I’m sorry you have to deal with them. These are long running issues that I’m not too will ever be addressed. However, the game needs new players who want to play and learn. If you have anymore questions feel free to dm me, I’ll try and help man.

Ps, I’m on my phone so don’t judge the spelling and grammar :stuck_out_tongue:


The Atlas tutorial still has portals, which haven’t been in game for nearly 3 years. :joy:

Yeah, this is frustrating. I know there was a fix coming but they ran into an issue

Rider Quests do seem pretty pointless when you are just starting out and don’t have spare riders. However, as you get more riders and better gear they are pretty useful. I run 3, 4 & 5 star missions for egg tokens every 12 hours (roughly, I don’t set a timer or anything), which is 900 tokens (225 + 300 + 375) every 12 hours which comes out to 12,600 tokens a week (900x2 = 1800 per day, 1800x7 = 12,600 per week). So they will eventually become useful for you.


Fun fact. When I was attempting to do the atlas tutorial it’s glitched out and I couldn’t complete my 1st step. Thank god there’s a skip option on it😂


Judges spelling and grammar


Your always judging.

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Lol no. PG just caters to iOS more because they know people that own apple products are more susceptible to spending money on useless things :rofl: ever heard of Apple tax?

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Atlas is definitely not catered to beginners. There are far better tutorials for it on YouTube, etc. However, it is far from boring. If you only see glory swap, guard swap, and aligane I would bring your team itself into question rather than Atlas. Stagnation is an issue, which is why the map change disaster was even thought about.

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Excellent perspective; we do deserve better.

Atlas is actually the thing keeping many of us going, but it has a high barriers to entry both in knowledge and built up strength/resources.

Lower level players also have a significant barrier in castle attacks (where the missing fighting you’re not seeing is) due to taunters and being quick and easy full glory for countersnipers. Your only hope is in active and coordinated teammates, who exist but are probably harder to find in lower league and mixed level teams.

As PG’s rep here occasionally reminds us, we are free to choose not to pay and not to play!


The game was originally designed for iOS. It was an apple only game for a good while. By about year 3 there was a demand for an android version because people had meltdowns about Apple and switched to android. PG simply accommodated that demand, however, the original design was solely for iOS. The game has issues, it has always had issues, but, the community has always been what kept it together. People have issues come up, but the truth is that you can with strategy and planning achieve what you want.

By the way, the draconic chests drop Hueso

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If the map was playable yes it would provide some entertainment but as it is it’s pretty dam boring with literally no real goal and unmanageable lag!
And any kind of real tactical play that might be considered fun is virtually impossible due to map design.
So yeah we deserve a functional map based on offensive tactical play instead we have a defensive map based on acquisition of stagnant castles that produce more issues than progress so I agree we deserve better!


sums up my view of Atlas well. only goal is crafting gear.

Exactly Fozzie because the only goal pg created was to acquire defense positions lol
So what then? Lmao exactly …nothing!
The maps only goal literally is a goal of stagnation! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s the goal …? to acquire castles and stagnate the map by doing so!?

As for gear it’s currently being used as a source of escalation for this map! :man_facepalming:

Ummmmm …really I have almost no words for that! :flushed:
Let’s just say it’s embarrassing and I should move on because anything else I say here would be rude but I will try nonetheless! Lol

So using the rewards for combat as a source of escalation is a recipe for power creep and ceases to be a effective source of offensive tactical escalation as soon as your most active players have acquired it and that’s my best attempt at saying that without being offensive :rofl:

But what I will keep saying is …until pg removes the pointless castles…

As long as a castle stands on that map as the goal of the map we will have stagnation and mega alliances and lag and we have paid literally millions for a functional map and game !:rage:

Yes we deserve at least that!
And yes I can and will easily and quickly describe what we have paid for and how to get there from here. lol


Thanks for your in-depth response around the topics I raised.

With regards to riders - I can appreciate things get easier when you have more dragons and riders, but why are these quests so inconsistent from each other?
I don’t mind that I can only do ‘as many quests as I have riders’, my issue is around the fact that both my rider and my dragon disappear for 12 hours straight.

I’m level 47, losing a dragon for that amount of time can be quite a hindrance (Especially when I stupidly had the rider on Zel’Noth)

Would you mind elaborating on what you mean by a ‘better team’? I’m on quite an active team right now in Plat 3.

Why should any of us have to ‘get used to it’?
PG should change the coding, amend the timing, or just do something to prevent these clashes.

It is like taking away the ability to train troops in Atlas because the Fortification Event is going, it just doesn’t make sense, and it’s why I believe it is down to PG coding being unable to differentiate between ‘Atlas’ and ‘Main Game’ PVP.

Besides, by the time Kingdom Wars actually landed, the Atlas event was over, with two days(?) of the event being blocked. Where’s the compensation for that part of the Kingdom Wars event?

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here - PG codes the game.
The coding, menu design, event layouts, etc are all terrible. It feels like a 90’s game - I hear the sounds of a dial up modem whenever the event page tries to load.

The whole things needs a revamp, but that’s unlikely to happen. But hopefully PG can give us some smoother menus that don’t need to load AT ALL.

I’ve been playing Warhammer 40k Lost Crusade and everything is smooth and instant, it feels so responsive. War Dragons pales in comparison, and if this game is going to have any future with new players, things need to change.


Thank you for the response GhostRider419 - Would you mind elaborating a little more on those parts of Atlas I am missing out on?

Hi Henfon,

I appreciate this is going a little off topic, but would you mind clarifying what the difference is between the different Primarchs?

I have the Fighter and I have unlocked the Trapper, although I can only have one out at one time (I can’t hold enough gold to unlock the second slot)

I’m still unsure what the point of the primarch actually is, and how it benefits anything (Other than holding troops, so in my eyes the primarch could easily be replaced with anything as it feels meaningless)

To be fair, the game originally wasn’t made by PG, so there’s some code they can’t quite do anything about

No problem.

Agin as you get bigger, and get more ear this isn’t such a big problem. Basically I can just put my maxed legendary gear on a blue tier dragon and do rider quests for free.

I might have miss spoke here. Basically the bigger team u get on, the most castles they will have. This will effect ur daily tribute, not ur quests. Sorry for the confusion.

I’m not going to touch on any pg related things. Players who voice there criticism of pg have been getting banned at an alarming rate and I don’t want gal to mute me at this time. Sorry.