You broke the chats and the pm options 🤨

Ok , yet again due to another update for things that we didnt ask for , you the mods have goofed up the game again .

  1. A update rt as a attack baised event starts ( no update = not able to help team mates attack or defend them . ) :point_left: fix this asap please .
  2. No pm option to inform my team mates of a update , let alone invite , or just send a hello via pm to a old friend . ( again not cool )
    This kinda junk is very very frustrating for most gamers . Its very reminiscent of the sync error travesty of the prior years past . You have put a all in for the atlas game but have forgotten the gamers that have been playing from get go one. . The players that pay your bills .:point_left:( pay close attention to this )
    Please fix this error in programming .

Have you contacted support or uninstalled/reinstalled the game? I personally haven’t had any issues since the update but yours is very odd. :t_rex:

Please use the search bar.

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