You deserve a big THANK YOU!


I have played a number of games, and have seldom if ever seen generosity like that of PG.

You don’t have to send out apology gifts, you don’t have to admit your errors and you definitely do not have to send out holiday gifts to all your players, but you do.

I have seen the posts of belly achers saying it isn’t good enough. I would hate to see their loved ones expressions when they open up a gift and they say it to the gift giver.

This thread will get some rude responses, but a BIG THANK YOU is in order. Year’s I have been gaming with the biggest of games, PG you set yourself apart with your customer service and the way you cater to the player to improve their gaming experience.



very well hidden sarcasm id say. :rofl:


Charger a very nice and true statement you said about PG and others who aren’t greatful for the little things. Not only because I’m your leader in legion psychos but I’m also your friend and I got your back and you have my support. Very well said my friend.:kissing_heart:


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