You know your getting old when?


Your phone is more powerful than your first computer.

Let’s see some yesteryear. :grin:


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You still use this symbol # to indicate weight in pounds.


Your idea of ringing in the new year is having an extra bowl of ice cream. True story.


What does # mean?


You can’t remember what you came in here to say?


You fall asleep on the toilet


When you would rather take the elevator, or escalator, instead of the stairs.


When you start to loose hair on the top of your head, but somehow you seem to start growing more out your nose and ears


:point_up:t2::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:Good one!:+1:t2:


When you remember a time without internet and having to research in books


When you lost your spirit.

Come on…
Getting aged is a fact, but getting old is a choice!


When you realize Birthdays aren’t something to celebrate about. Rather it’s just a terrible reminder that you’re one year closer to your final day :eyes:


Oh gosh, that’s morbid :scream:


When you have a bathroom schedule.


When you celebrate your birthday more than you take a bath.


When it irks you that people use “your” instead of “you’re”


When you get excited getting furniture. No joke, I brag about my coffee table


:rofl::rofl::rofl:…or high school graduates, college graduates, and other “so called” educated people use horrible grammar. If I hear someone in my family say, “Me and ‘whomever’…” I’m going to scream.


…you you’re (@DragonMage and @Papabeef, I’ll save you the hassle of needing to correct me) trying to get someone to build you a personal coffin.