You should add a screen recorder

You should add a in-game screen recorder. Not just for flying dragons, but record you base and stuff. Is this to much to ask for?

U can use the screen recorder on ur device, I use that when I help teach others how to fly.

I can’t download one is the problem. Which is why I want them to add one. And plus to record your base

Are you on Android? :t_rex:

No I’m on iPhone

What iOS version are you on? :t_rex:

Let me check

Not sure

Go to Settings > General > About and look for Version. It should be at least somewhere in your settings :sweat_smile:
Phones with iOS 11 or above have a screen record function. That’s the only solution I can think of. :t_rex:


You should have it then. Err when you swipe up on your screen do you see something like this? :t_rex:


Go to your control center and choose to customize your controls. You’ll have to add it to the list of controls that show up in your control center, as it is not automatically included.

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Oh ok

Hmmm? I don’t have it.

Do what Liz just said haha, sorry. I don’t actually have iOS 11 (my poor iphone 6s with no storage) so I’m just going off of what I know from the internet. :t_rex:

Got it now


Thanks guys

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No problem pal :grin::+1: :t_rex:

It’s not letting me record for more than a minute