Your best or proudest moment in War Dragons

Hey everyone was wondering what your best moments in WD are.
Mine are take a LVL 126 base in war solo while I was only a LVL 75, and some time later breaking the sapphire wall.
I was using Skarr for the war attack with no defenders. But my first LVL 100+.
What’s yours?

Edit: becoming a team leader.

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I like watching defenders dropping hammer nonstop while ember is firing normal shot.


My level 104 base just recently dropped it’s first Garnet Kinarus, that one made me smile :grin:


Very nice.:grinning:.

Perhaps not the proudest but my most satisfying moment was when I rage drained a kinarrus, she barely got enough rage for one spell, precast earthquake and then go around the corner. Only to see a red mage.

He then just held the spell and just took the punishment. He quit the attack soon after


@Mistborn20 love it when the underdogs get the upper hand. That’s what makes the game fun.


:joy::joy::joy: foresight a bitch.

PG treat all league players as same and release new feature to all players at the same tym : that will be my best moment in WD . ( eg: Atlas , putting whales and sharks (diamond and sapphire) in ocean to take control for a long tym and then put small fishes as their prey , by giving an argument that it’s an competitive environment to fight as a whole despite of leagues lol ) ;

Love the dream but PG ONLY DOES NIGHTMARES.:scream::scream::scream:.

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I was a level 84-90 with Necryx. My team was trying to crack a level 220 or so base with 2 sapphire drags in war. I led a decoy attack with defenders and managed to get about 55-60% of the base killed…with my Gold Necryx.

The two Sapphires failed because they were trying to use warriors. Had to have one of them follow me and sweep up. But it felt pretty awesome to be able to crack such a big base. It was heavy on the elementals, which is why Necryx did pretty well.

@BigFredd Nice I love to read about moments like these conquering a higher level or even making they’re eyes water when they think your insignificant, and still do crap loads of damage.

Here’s my achievement,
Would you rather have a lvl 1 ember than a complete stone necx😈
but it’s starting to become the new norm for me, so less of an achievement

@Rexaandel that’s not an achievement. Try harder.

What was my achievement?

No idea only you will know.

But you’re right, everyone should be able to take on players 4 times their level now, especially since there are so many good dragons and so many bad bases. That’s why I said it’s become the norm for me. If a level 83 can’t at least 3 flame a level 347 by themself, then they aren’t trying.

Nah man, gotta wait till 84 for the power spike!

Fondest moment for me was back when I was on a bottom of saph 3 team, and was recently made an officer and was trying to get the team to be more organized in events.
So when team gauntlet rolled around, I was super on them to get pve’s before pvps, and we did it in a day, and then proceeded to win our pvps, except for an Italian team (which has disbanded since then), who would clean our clock in 5 mins. We proceeded to be neck and neck with this team for the entire weekend, until the very last pvp.

By that time, we had gotten used to the rotation and new they were our last opponent before the event ended, so we got as many people on as we could, which included people waking up at 5 am to be on 30 mins before the pvp island. We organized how many megas we would do, targets, backers etc. Pvp rolled around and we pounced and defeated their island in 3 mins 40 seconds and got first place for the event.

It was exhilarating to see the team come together when it really counted, especially for a team that had previously struggled with pvp events.


@Rexaandel send me pm in game I’ll like to see how you do against my base no defenders I’ll tell my team to stand down.:sunglasses:. Will post results here. Are you game?