Zahak piercing steel ie yellow spell ie 4th shot - atk or hp?

I’m wondering if Zahak’s ‘piercing steel’ ie his final shot damage is based on his hp or atk. I can’t seem to find an answer for this anywhere.

It would be very helpful if pg made this information readily available so we could choose our runes and riders accordingly.


From Neon website:

Invoke: Piercing Steel

Color: Passive
Description: Damages and stuns all towers in a radius.

Duration: 4s
Size: 6 (targeted area)
Damage: 17% of modified HP
Hits disabled towers: yes


Thank you so much.

And thank God for Neon, who is able to provide information that would seem to be impossible to find otherwise.

It would be handy if this was shown where it shows your spells when you train a dragon. I and many people I know have wasted a lot of rss and time for lack of this critical information.


Freeze Derivative is a bit special though.
It’s both :see_no_evil: (100% attack + 17% HP)

Some hint

This is with Havoc

And this is without

Knowing the URL in Neon helps.