Zahhak Build discussion after changes

Hey guys with most dragons there is usually a specific build most people will aim towards.

Zah is perhaps an exception I have seen HP builds, Attack builds and a bit of both mixed bag builds.

I just want to see what everyone is using and if its working. This probably sounds like a funny question given he is pretty brainless to fly.

I have a theory that HP builds are showing a damage number that doesn’t really exist and that pethaps HP builds are the wrong way to go.

Ill go first

I went full HP build runes and rider.

On undefended or 1 defender runs no issue I can nuke everything no problem.

On 2 defenders it takes all my shots to kill 1 oreo even my invoke shot. Double defender and double oreo probably means ill leave a few towers.

On 3 defenders it takes me all my shots x1 reload ( 2 full clips ) to destroy one oreo. I have the exotic ring for anti healing. On Double oreo ill survive entire run but I will often leave large chunks of the main islands.

In terms of spells I use enguard to block mage shots although this spell often doesn’t work. ( it blocks spells but does zero damage to towers. This bug happens on short islands but never on the long islands )

I use the red spell to regain hp once red mage is down. Red mage is typically my second target after oreos are dead.

I think with the change ill need to change a few things around perhaps go a damage build. But I don’t want to pay all of the costs if I won’t be better off.

I use Zah as a 2nd dragon / clean up since he doesnt need much rage and I think even after changes he will still perform this role.

Curious as to how other HP builds are going or if people are doing better with attack or hybrid builds. Many thanks!

Quoting the changes here.
HP percentage damage on the spells are increased by 33% (x 4/3), as the HP is lowered by 25% (x 3/4) (rounded).
Hence, expected damage from the spells should still be similar (not exactly the same as the percentage value is rounded, but shouldn’t feel much different).

Therefore, if the setup is based on damage (and rage), no change is necessary.

Keep the setup if you can still use him.


I don’t know about you but my engarde never hits towers on the small islands if I use it to block shots.

( seems to consistently happen on island #3 and #5 its a weird bug that impacts many similar spells )

The spell only will work on the small island once you are over the first tower but then you have to make a choice of avoid mage shots or do some small aoe damage )

For me the damage issues are on actual ammo shots rather than spells.

Hp nerfs look fine no issue with them. Still curious how a more pure attack build runs.

Thx pg for nerfing yet another dragon your team is the worst, players work hard to get these dragon set them up and learn to fly them, and due to a couple cry babies complaining there to strong you nerf them, any excuses to shorten life of dragons to get guys to spend good job pg thx for making this game not worth playing


They don’t rely on those cry babies when it comes to nerfing actually. They rely on their statistics data.


:thinking: Might have something to do with timing.
Ideally, at both 3 and 5, it can deal damage if it’s cast after the tower reacts (Not really for DF at 5, due to short range)

In general, Zahhak only get its insane survivability nerfed (total HP and Healed HP percentage).
Can still be useful for those able to fly Zahhak really well, as its damage potential isn’t nerfed (ignoring percentage rounding).

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Zahhak defo needed a nerf. U can even start without any rage as follow teammate and nuke base.

I agree.

I think all three needed a nerf.

I just think they went a bit easy on Barbend thats all. He was the strongest of the three by a small degree and now its quite a large gap on Kry in particular.

If you consider the speed differential in atlas then Barbend is miles in front of the others.

I don’t mind hunters being better if the skill cap is there but they shouldn’t be heads and shoulders better.

The change doesnt impact many barbend players. And players can easily adapt from speed to defensive if they see 3D and don’t want to risk not making any mistakes.

Players going for speed will use the CC before the turn and blitz all 5 or all 10 towers going into the turn.

But Barbend has many play styles. You can also go slow and CC on the turn and then nuke reducing potential inbound damage.

Some hybrid approaches where you might just nuke lots of 5 or only CC back 5. I have seen heaps of variations.

I believe the damage needed to be toned down so that he is obsolete by 155s.

He will likely do 160s. ( not fast ) but 52 shots will still clear front 5 especially with crowd control on 3 towers. Cloak and repeat.

Honestly its hard for me to work out if Zah was nerfed or just changed it might end up being neither here nor there. The change to Zah makes the most logical sense and is likely going to be the most successful of the three changes.




I think the placement of mythics and garvox is wrong.

I did expect the nerfs for mythics.

I didn’t expect that for my unbred garvox.


They should have nerfed Barbend a little more it doesn’t make sense to randomly nerf Garvox at all. I don’t agree with these nerfs they just sound like BS to me if the dragon isn’t as deadly as Barbend. I don’t know why they nerfed Krygant at all however, but how they nerfed him is really messed up and making me think they are supporting favoritism still, they barely nerfed barbend anyways too.

I predict that the changes done to him will basically make him like Krygant if we are following history of most warriors besides Nockmar (needed a slight nerf), Huitzil (needed a spell color nerf), or UVS (due to being buffed) it also seems they rarely bother buffing warriors unless they are like Avernic were Avernic can barely kill anything.

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In case anyone is interested this is Zah before and after nerf.

About 25% reduction in HP and no change to damage for a pure HP build.

Still seems viable as a backup / follower role

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It doesn’t look like there was a reduction more like a attack buff.

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