Zendesk is crashing

Is anyone else getting an error trying to load Zendesk? I was trying to update one of my tickets and the page went all epileptic on me blinking on and off. I thought my phone was dying but no, it was only a problem with the Zendesk page.

This problem seemed to go away after a couple attempts at closing and reopening the game, restarting my phone and clearing the cache but I’m worried it will come back.

Send a ticket :+1::joy::joy::joy:, probably over loaded at the moment

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I can’t very well send a ticket if Zendesk is crashing, now can I? :'D

Maybe I’ll just wait this one out and see if it blows over.

Is it the in game or browser access to support that’s giving you problems?

In case you don’t know how to access one of them…

How to file a ticket in game with support

Following steps

on Android

on iOS


Filing a ticket with support using a web browser

You can also contact support from your browser using the following URL:


Please have your Support ID (in game settings > About tab > right at the top) at hand.

In game Help was causing the issue. I’ll try submitting a ticket from my browser if I see the same problem again.

If it’s your first time logging into support via the browser, you’ll need to create a password :slight_smile:

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