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Hello WD Community,
A team mate sent in a ticket to see what stones he had on a couple of his dragons. The reply insinuated that they bring dragons back, but this is not my understanding. Is this just another example of Zendesk being misinformed?

"As you may know, we sometimes bring back dragons during certain events to allow players another chance of earning them. Don’t be surprised if at some point Aibrean, Nollaig and Fomhar and its eggs and stones make a return? "

Thanks for clarifying.


This part of the response is never going to happen. Whoever wrote that was completely wrong.

However there are some dragons that aren’t currently available to breed (Dodopyyr and Donivalis) that PG has brought back in past breeding events. Whether or not they’ll be back again is anyone’s guess.

  1. Help desk isn’t run by PG at the first stage
  2. Lol no


I figured it was just zendesk spreading misinformation but told my teammate that I would double check.


Hahaha. This is why I come to the forums and never send in a ticket unless I have to. Good lord, Zendesk. :t_rex:


Exactly! I immediately said I was posting it here. It’s pretty crappy that they can spread so much false information. Especially on a topic that has been so hotly contested by the player base.


Support rarely provides correct information. Im still convinced that it’s actually just a bunch of cats pawing at the keyboard


They seriously need a new form of customer support. They are the worst support of any game I have ever played.


Why do people keep calling it Zendesk? As far as I know, Zendesk is just the help management software. It may be just semantics but it sounds odd to blame “Zendesk” when the fault lies in the third party contractor PG uses.


That is awesome.

I will think of that when I submit a ticket. It should make me smile regardless of the response I get.


Like this?


I wonder if they’re hiring? I have a fuzzball needs to start paying his portion of the rent :joy:


@MamaxXxmayhem, if you could send me a ticket number, I will do some digging into why your teammate received this response.

As we have stated before, we don’t bring back any of the seasonal dragons, such as Aibrean or Necryx. @LizDrakemoor is correct that we do bring back dragons such as Dodopyr and Donivalis every so often, but those are the only ones that I can think of.


HI , happy to see you here , and this is my first ever interaction in forums , and i am the one who got that response, will send you the ticket number … thanks


Oh, I already found the ticket. No worries there. The agent was…partially right, but not nearly right enough. Some dragons do come back, as @Arelyna mentioned above. That said they shouldn’t be implying that other dragons will come back since as far as I know there’s no historical precedent for it. (I could be wrong on that aspect though).

Either way, that’s a pretty grandiose thing to even hint at and they should be getting our go-ahead before saying it.


No kidding! That agent obviously doesn’t read the forums. :joy:


Or watch Arelyna’s FB live streams.


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