Zenko FoxFire Bolt Weak?


Anyone else notice the FoxFire Bolt isn’t able to 1-shot kill towers of reasonably high power?

For example, my Zenko is 1/2 way through Vangaurd with 5.2B attack power and it can’t 1-shot kill level 80 towers. My UVS on the other hand can nearly 1-shot kill 5 level 80 towers with Time stop red spell, same attack power.

Isn’t the single tower white kill spell supposed to much stronger like death gaze, etc?

I have to say I’m very dissapointed with Zenko if this is how weak it is supposed to be? Without the ability to 1-shot white kill, you can’t steal another spell and it’s just a chain reaction to complete failure.

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It says it’s a 15x attack power bolt.

So observe what a normal swipe fireball damage is and times it by 15 and that’s the health of the tower you can kill.

Ronin’s execute is x12


How much stronger is death gaze or umbra spike?


damn it’s impossible to read those small numbers


Notes timestamps and looks at battle report timestamps. Haha. Kidding

I can hardly see the numbers so I do screen record and then I use the video editor to grab a specific frame. It’s kind of a pain, but it does give valid numbers.

How is your gear on Zenko?

I found ronin needed decent gear to use, but it definitely is sufficient to kill max towers with elite gear at level 8 plus a few attack runes.

I’m on the fence on Zenko. I like the 3d modeling a lot, but none of the play videos really impressed me.


My gear on Zenko is very good. Could be better, but my Zenko rider is combat level 25k now. My UVS rider is only 17k… that’s why I got Zenko because wind was my best gear (I previously picked it for Pathox).

I think Ronin is decent but I’ll wait for the next mythic hunter, I won’t struggle to get both. He seems to have too many weaknesses, but I guess Zenko has weaknesses as well.

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Both mythic’s got weakness & there straight.


well now that i got zenko into empyrean @ 6.2b finally he’s not bad … should max out around 10-11b with my gear… still need a lot more practice… but on a max defended base he goes down very fast for me at least.

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Zenko in my opinion anyways could do some big damage against a max out base, with defenders on she’ll mostly die.

Zenko to me is a “follow/clean” up dragon then leading. If you have someone go through a max base and gutted the base pretty good. You can follow up with Zenko to clean up any left over buildings.

Pg should change her blue spell to a white spell like on Itzani, then she will be better. As well as change her resistance to the same one Ronin got to even out the plan field. She can cycle through the “Adaptive Immunity resist” to gain some rage back.

At the moment she don’t have any way to gain rage “if” she gets hit by a mage or two Ss. Then I say they will be both evenly good.


Foxfire bolt is fine for me now but lower levels won’t like it… It should be increased to at least 2000-2500% instead of 1500% … And the cool down should be decreased from 4s to 2s… Then it would have a fighting chance. And maybe increase the damage from uncloaking from the blue spell and it would be a solid dragon.

As it is now it’s OK… But not amazing like UVS or Surt.

I actually like the resist it has now like jormangandr… personally I don’t like cycling through resists and with this dragon you are constantly casting spells anyway since there is no shield… so having to cycle resists would be a waste of time…If they want to modify the blue spell and keep the Foxfire as is… Then change the blue spell to white and make zero rage. That would solve the no rage issue as well.

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Totally agreed, and I’m not sure his elemental resist is up to par either. I compare him to Jorm, as both have the same resist and the one-shot white spell. My Zenko actually has higher HP, but his foxfire bolt can’t take a lv 80 mage, where Jorm’s white spell has no issue. Zenko also gets cut down a lot faster when this happens, making me question the efficacy of his resist. Zenko is broken, and I’m broken hearted. They poured it out with UVS and Surt (and actually had to nerf Surt), but Zenko seems to come pre-nerfed. WTH?


Whatever it says, it’s flacid. In function and form, it’s the same as Neptus/Jorm’s white spell, and I didn’t have to dip into my retirement to get them. Foxfire Bolt should be as strong. Also, the cooldown should be reduced. As far as the blue spell, I could care less if it’s made white, as I’ve found a few fun combos for islands with white and blue, but not being able to take out a mage on first attack is crippling, and makes the dragon woefully inept. This could’ve been an amazing sleeper drag, as most will get Ronin. Why does he have to come pre-nerfed?

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This seasons mythics seem like either choose :poop: or :poop: either way I feel like either 1 will be just as disappointing as the other.

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Dude, dont complain you get 3 branches and the mythic is free, thats why theyre low quality unlike uvs and surt :rofl:

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The white spells aren’t based off HP so


Tidal surge is 20x attack damage, foxfire is 15x attack damage and execute is 12x attack damage. If foxfire isn’t killing towers, your attack power is too low compared to the HP of the tower, in which case you can level up your gear, level up your dragon, or add runes.


Lol, they’re the farthest thing from low quality. Funny you include surt in your comparison. I hope pg never makes such a dumb release as they did with that abomination…


I cannot disagree more. These dragons are fine. They are both strong, and fair. Hell these are both on par( and in my view are substantially stronger) than UVS. Surt was a mistake that needs to never happen again

This is going to be very blunt but here it is. These dragons require skill. If things are not going well it’s user error. If you can’t one shot with something that does 15-12 times your basic attack shots then you are hitting above your level or have poor gear compared to the base. It’s that simple.

Fly any hunter or sorcerer and if you can’t take a tower in an entire ammo bar plus a bit, or 15 swipes, that’s just you hitting too high. That’s all.

Flown well these dragons excel. Ronin can hit higher than pathox and no one thinks pathox is weak. But they are not “I win” buttons for once. And that’s a good thing.

Neither need any changes

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I’m not sure how you can say that about Ronin. Even if he doesn’t match your play style, I don’t see any grounds to call him that.

Are you sure you aren’t just lashing out because you aren’t happy?