Zenko Line chat!

Hey guys!

To aid the 30 of us who selected Zenko over Ronin, I’ve created a Zenko chat, as there are virtually no places to discuss the flights of technical sorcerers.

You can join hunter chat and transfer Hau/Noc skills to Zenko - which I recommend! - but a chat where the community can freely discuss Zenko is needed.

My Line ID is Tiri. :slight_smile:

Let’s learn how to fly Zenko together, and show the hunter-only snobs what’s up! I’m also hoping that this evolves into the often-mocked “sorcerer chat” that doesn’t actually exist, rofl. We can explore Sylphen, Zotz, and any future sorcerers that require skill.

For pwning!

  • Tiri

I would like to be involved in that line chat please!!

Messaged for an add please

Added! :slight_smile:

Could you add me as well please

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Ye of little faith.


Awesome! Please PM me your Line user name, and I’ll add you :+1:t3:


Omg, I want in.
Also, now I need to yell at him for not telling me :joy:

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Can you add me please

Might have added you as a friend on line lol been a while :man_facepalming:t3: plz add me to chat :star_struck:

Add me too please

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