Zephyr Could use Some Changes

At first, I thought zephyr was decent. After trying to use him in difficult situations, he seems fairly underpowered. As always, it could be a “me” problem.

The problem I find is a lack of ammo. The summon will sometimes kill a tower or two, but struggles on long islands with several defenders. The summon soaks super shots well, but I have no ammo to capitalize.

I think that tying the ammo gain to the summon spell (since it can be used semi frequently) instead of dodge would help.

What are your thoughts?


I would have preferred it to reload at least 50% than a mere 30%.

But that’s about it.

I will be retiring it pretty quick as soon as it maxes unlike how long I had kept Xul on my roster or Barbend that is still on my roster. :see_no_evil:


Have you tried with the glove on?

Yes, I’ve only played zephyr with the exotic gloves.

I do not think a hunter with summon works and PG will change it.

Sorry to hijack your thread but didn’t want to spam forums with threads all about this dragon.

This is a general question really, are these legendary dragon specific runes better versus say a mythic rage rune or mythic attack or HP rune?

No, you will benefit much more from a mythic rage rune.


For this dragon specifically, the increase to spell duration secondary is considered a bad thing to most players. Increasing the duration also increases the time between casts so you are unable to gain rage as frequently. For that reason I used a different seasonal glyph as well in place of his so I still get 8% hunter attack but without any secondary effects.


Dont use any version of runes/glyphs given by PG for Zephyr. It was the same with Aerow.

Use ammo and rage runes/Glyphs.

Edit: If you need rune dust, just salvage them. :joy: Dont use chisels to remove…

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Looks like you’ve suffered from week 1’s FP mythic glyph gamble as well. But yes it benefits from attack and rage and ammo a lot better than hp, I have no idea who that that was a good idea at PG if the HP does barely anything. Mostly rage and ammo though.

Crap. Okay so remove his mythic and legendary for duration. Replace with Ammo, Attack, Rage. Thank you all!


I believe he rely’s on that spell I don’t have him but spells should either have longer durations or shorter cooldowns.

Thats exactly what his rune does and why you shouldn’t use it.


Is it because that’s how you lose rage faster? Oh long duration … nvm that’s how you kill a dragon, depending on which spell it is if it’s not a dodge then man that’s a huge waste.

Okay I really don’t understand this dragon it says Honorable wings gives rage and HP … yeah I see why those runes and glyph is really useless. Guess I’m staying away from it’s mythic glyph.

The problem with Zephyr‘s summon (compared to a cloak) is that it ignores shots that are already in the air. So everytime you want to use it to block something, you have to use it preemptively. If you try to use it reactively, Zephyr is going to get hit. Also blue mages completely ignore the summon and always drain you unless the dodge is active.

Additionally, the summon‘s target prioritization seems to follow a fixed pattern (same way as spell flux like spells have a pattern) which adds an undesirable factor of randomness. It‘s also a rage heavy spell, considering it‘s cost of 2 rage per use and the frequency of usage forced by it’s low hp and the lack of any other available survivability tools while the dodge is on cooldown


what a headache

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Is this a bug or just a poor design by PG? I’m specifically talking about:

  • Summon as a glass cannon
  • Summon not blocking

This sucks, Zephyr is my first Hunter and had higher expectations…I guess from what I read around here, I should lower my expectations across the board on this game :face_exhaling:

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The summon has low health by design. It is high damage low health. You can use it effectively to block most super shots. The ss it doesn’t block could conceivably be planned around. However, you will die after a few casts of summon because it dies and you have no other way to kill towers.

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Code-wise, it is working as intended.

Advertisement-wise, partially not.

The summoned was supposed to have low HP and it does have low HP.

But it also was supposed to absorb all damage and SS, but it clearly isn’t doing that.


The list of supposed is almost endless……it’s like a circle when you think the end is just round the corner……whoops it’s just the start…

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