Zephyr vs Fergaax

Just curious if for any of those that already have both if they have a preference, find one more fun, one stronger than the other etc.?

I’d like to go for interitus if fergaax is at all not as fun as zephyr. I have Zephyr and like him and figure he can stay as my hunter. I’m only a mid game player

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First, you need to define your fun.

Got Fergaax on the first week, I enjoy flying it.

I think it is fun enough, but you may feel different about it.

So, to be safe, what makes a dragon fun for you?

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I got Fergie a few hours ago and I like him, I’m sure he’ll be fun to figure out.
Liking his spell set and that he isn’t too tappy (Xul cough)
Still suffering ptsd from that dragon


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