Zeppelin timer speculation thread

What do you expect the Zeppelin timers missions to look like when released?
Here is what I think.

Hourly: One 12 hour timer.
3 Hour: One 24 hour timer.
20 Hour: It will tell you a single 48 hour timer, but crash the client. Only on Android.

And Go!


I enjoy the cat racing picture.

However I can’t comment further in this thread, except please don’t be stupid people. Be at least somewhat reasonable and consider timer values vs super speedup packs, gold chests, and other relevant items to come to your conclusions.


I’ve changed my mind.

Zeppelin mission

1 Hour will give a 1 min timer.
3 Hour will give a 3 min timer.
20 Hour will give a 1 hour timer.

Feels legit.


I’m thinking
1 hour=30 min
4 hour=1 hour
12 hour=3 hour

And now instead of reading the word ‘hour’ and thinking of time, I’m reading ‘hooor’ and thinking of alternative money-making opportunities.


This one seems adjusted. Not appealing but realistic

1 hour mission = 1 hour speedup
4 hour mission = 3 hour speedup
20 hour mission = 12 hour speedup

Curious why people think that the missions would have to follow an exact in game speedup amount for each? That’s what everyone seems resigned to, but it does divert from the current mission philosophy of 1x/2x/4x token amounts no matter what you select as a start

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NEW! Timer Tokens!!! TM
Collect 10 tokens for one 1 hour timer.

1 hour mission = 2 timer tokens
4 hour mission = 4 timer tokens
20 hour mission = 9 timer tokens.

Get those tokens today!

PS New Timer Token TM research to follow. (Abysmal eggs required)

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I mean technically couldn’t they give out 8361 timers just in 1min increments? Obviously a fictious figure so don’t bother quoting it…

8192 feels so much better in today’s digital age. I’m sure everyone wants 10s of thousands of 1 min timers. Quality of Life and all. :slight_smile:

Maybe they could give out 8675309 .01 second timers for the 20 hour mission.

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but only if 1 second timers take 4 seconds to complete so that they match the forge rate.

Folks wanted smaller micro transactions since $99 USD is too high.
1 second timers might be a good way to get costs down to $5.00 at current value rates.

The problem with me is I work off the top of my head instead of inside it, where the brains (supposedly) are :joy:

I’ll admit I seldom see logic in this game, and truthfully find it hard to believe the developers aren’t just sitting around a bar, beers in hand, throwing darts at the ‘timers and tokens’ dartboard and drawing up awesome looking critters with green crayons and No.2 pencils.


@forScience had a meme about office interns throwing darts for event prize rune selection :grin::grin:

Edit - removed, why should I do PG’s job for them and show them what the timer missions SHOULD pay out based upon their own established ingame costs? I shouldn’t. I don’t work for free and I sure as hell ain’t doing someone else’s job for them, for free. I’ll hold onto my numbers and compare them to PG’s, if I’m even still around if and when they do decide to go live with timer missions…


No offense, but a calculation that you won’t show is mathematically indistinguishable from pulling random numbers out of your backside.

I’m not even saying the numbers are wrong, but without reasoning they are worthless.

So do the math yourself is what he’s saying :roll_eyes:. He gave you everything you needed to do it

He gave nothing but end results. That’s pretty much like saying the answer is 42, you just work out why.

Also, if I’m honest, I don’t see any reason to think his math will be any good, most people on this forum are pretty terrible with it. The fact that the table has changed three times over 10 minutes also does not inspire confidence.

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So what if most of the forums can’t figure out for themselves? He gives every comparison point he used for his basic value. Call him out with your own math :man_shrugging: